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The enquiry sequels

As a seller, i think i'm pretty easy.

I give them days to bank in the money as i understand that people do have their own lives and might not be free. Cods are free regardless of whether its not where i live around,i dont really mind.

But what i cannot cannot undertand is why when customers make enquiries, they make it one at a time;


B : Hi Im interested in XXx still available?
S : Yes it is.please email me your details if you'd like to confirm your order so i can write you an invoice :)

Next day
B : Okay. I'm also interested in XXX still available?
S : yes it is.s would you like both of them via postage or cod?
B : where do you cod?
S : Around XXXX, so you would like both of them yea?

Next day
B : Whats the measurement for XXX item?
S : its XXX inches

Next day
B : oh okay, do you thnk it can fit a size X?
S : yes should be able to :)

Next day
B : How much is postage?
S : Oh its on the site actually but it'll be RM X

Next day
B : okay i think i'll take postage, for the item got other colours ah?
S : no Sorry only this colour

By the time we finish this convo it'll be almost the weekend.

Buyers should really email us all their questions to save time (like,hi i like the XX still available?can i have the measurements please and btw where do you cod?)


Someone else would've placed an order and be ready to pay up. For me, I would tell them to give me till the next day to see if she backs out. Because it's only fair as she came first right? But for many sellers, they'd probably just say sorry sold already and give it to the girl who pays first.

So email us all the questions please,its better for you and better for us :)

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  1. Haha I believe I have been guilty of this on some occassions - however, i never ask like a gazillion questions, just one or two extra from the original mail :p

    It's irritating no doubt but some people only think of those extra questions one at a time! Don't hate us!