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Outrages Postage

Here the thing. I was looking for a long cardigan in any colors but it seems like i cant find any that r available. i have visited most of the sites in xash's page, SR n etc. just cant find any.

So i asked around n it happens that one of my friend*not so close tho*, is selling long cardi. So she asked me if i'm interested to buy from her. Of course lah I would say yes kan because i'm so dying to have it.

I asked her how much, she told me its RM50 which i find it a bit expensive than those that i found in other blogs. rm35-40, for the same cotton material and the same design as well but i just dont mind.

So i said yes and asked her whats the next step. She said she can do COD but at nights only because she's working during daytime. The problem here is that I just cant find any free time at night since i'm a full time housewife. I have housechores to do, plus i have a baby to be taken care of and i'm pregnant as well. So how can i find a time at night to take that cardi from her right?

So i told her just gimme her account no and i will make the payment a.s.a.p. She told me the total amount is RM60 which including postage of RM10. When i read that, i was like, what? RM10? Is it possible? I just dont want to ask her because you know. This friend thingy and i dont want her to think that i'm a cheapskate. i'm not but i've never encountered a blogshop that charges RM10 for posting. Mind you i'm staying in WM same like her. In fact, we are staying nearby. eg. She's in Klang and i'm in PJ.

I just dunno who to ask but is it possible for the postage to be as high as RM10 for a pos malaysia, and for a pc of cardi only? The highest that i've paid is RM6 only WM

help me pls. Should i ask her? But i'm dying to have it or maybe i'll just proceed with the payment instead since i really want it and it's still cheap as compared to those mng, zara or topshop.

slap me if u think i'm a cheapskate.


  1. Hi there, you should ask her regardless of whether shes ur friend or not.

    RM10 for poslaju would only be if you are in EM and she is in WM.

    500gm -> RM6-7 for WM.

    You can try checking

    She's probably taking u for a ride.

  2. Hey,

    RM10 is bloody expensive and that considered as cheating your extra RM4.30.

    How heavy can one cardi bloody weigh? If im not mistaken the cardi will still weigh like normal to be RM5.70. It's ridiculous.

    Dont give a damn if she's your friend,but u mentioned not so close so just tell her. Even if i posted a shoe box it only cost me RM8 max unless it's to EM..that'll cost approx most.

    You tell me what kinda cardi you are looking for, I can help you hunt on the blogsphere or outside. It's not worth the postage price la.

    Sorry my post might be stern but it just doesnt make sense charging freaking RM10 for postage for a cardi! I buy loads of cardis, like what.. 2pcs and other stuff as well opted for PL, it doesnt even cost more than RM9... Unless gatal2 go use big box surely RM15-RM20 la..



  3. hey babe..i saw few other blog selling it..its rm40 only..better u buy from these blog..

  4. anon#1- thanks. i have a feeling that she's trying to make me pay for extra. tho she looks soo sweet n nice. hmmm..

    anon#2- no prob. am looking for a long cardi u know. the one that covers ur butt. i dunno whether its still the in thing or not but ive tried bloghopping and to no avail. all of it r all sold out.

  5. Friend's business is the hardest to do. It's probably easier to buy from other sellers cos when problems come up with the stock or whatever, you can always approach the seller, but if it's a friend, it'll be difficult as you wouldn't want to trouble them or afraid that they'll find you fussy. Aihh.

  6. hey dear

    many blogshops out thr are sellin cardi

    can go attire's attic..hehe so muchcheaper larrrr

  7. correct correct. try those links given by anon#3 :)

    go grab them before it gets sold out!
    especially JSP's.. :P

  8. RM50 is too much for a cardi. With postage, that's RM60. Maybe you should hold out first and wait.

    The most you could pay for Pos Laju for these kind of item is RM8 (GST etc. included). I bet she's charging for packaging etc.

    But RM60 for a cardi? Not worth it la.

  9. wat kind of the cardi cost RM50?? wow, plus the postage she charging the packing fee too?? we can get the free plastic packing for post laju one le. Or she gonna wrap the cardi other way?
    BTW, long cardi with cotton material, all buttons covered your butt just RM35 nia...if for the knitted maybe a bit expensive...and Rm50 can buy a dress already...

  10. hi there, try

    many people are selling cardigans and even the long ones. i think you can get much cheaper than ur friend's. good lucks :)

  11. hi there..
    RM10 for shipping is too much!

    try here-->

  12. Somehow this post has become has become a classified ad for cardis. Just this once ok seeing you're an expecting mommy :D

  13. hahaha SMWDY i think it's okay to give the writer a break this time since she has such a lousy friend who's out to gain money off her. plus can help other cardi-sellers as well :)

    RM50 for a cardi?? and RM10 for postage?? pffftt!

  14. to all. hehe..thanks for the suggestions.really appreciate it. :D

    and to SMWDY. ahaha. thanks for 'excusing' me because im an expecting mom

  15. dear author..
    friends don't do thing like this to their friends..
    total amount RM60??
    add RM30 you can get it @ f21 or MNG during clearance sale(MNG la)..
    My wife love cardi..the lastest she bought it in one of the bazaar for RM35 last november..
    RM60 is really not worth it..better buy something for your baby..kay.

  16. oh my, hustler vendor is a guy?!?!

  17. u can get a much better quality cardigan at shops such as mng, padini etc at a reasonable price...

  18. better lah you go buy zara,mng & the rest,at least got nama soomore.DONT BUY FROM HER!

  19. there's one in this website.

    i've bought it and it was like less than RM40 with postage. it's really nice and comfy and pretty long as well. do check it out, it's always restockable i think.

    best of luck! :)

  20. Of course you're not a cheapskate dear. nobody in their right mind would want to buy a long cardi that expensive, it being so ubiquitous recently. Bought one for my mum from G2000 last Christmas and it only cost me RM86,much more worthy than a no brand one, don't you think? Just say 'no' =)