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I bought a 40ml (not the miniature 5ml) BB cream from this blogshop a week ago. I've always been a prompt payer, so it came a few days later by pos laju. When I opened it the box was all crumpled and i felt that the bottle was very light compared to the one I previously bought from a store.

I thought maybe i'm just being paranoid, so I didn't complain about it to the seller. True enough, after applying it TWICE, the bottle was empty and there was nothing left in it.

I WAS PISSED. It felt like I paid RM79 for an empty bottle. I CAN GET EMPTY BOTTLES IN A RUBBISH BIN OK. when i ordered this from her, she replied me immediately every single time even though i replied 3am in the morning. when i complained about the bb cream, no reply at all.

Her bb creams are always sold out, I really wonder if there's anyone out there who has experienced this? THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I felt so cheated and yet her blog keeps getting all the reviews, and there's nothing i can do about it. CHEATER.


  1. Hi dear, can email me the blogshop's name pls?
    Thanks!! :)

  2. oh my, to think that i almost bought bb cream from her. (i think i know which blogshop that you're talking about.)

  3. one question: if you can buy it from the shop, why do you get it online? is it much cheaper?? never bought cosmetics online before cause i feel it's a little iffy.

  4. dear, RM10 for postage is so ridiculous!
    I've once bought around 10 pcs of clothes, and the postage charge is only RM11. Normally one piece of clothes only costs RM5.70, but normally all blogshops charged RM6 only...

    I think you should ask her. If she's a friend of yours, she wouldnt make profit thru postage..

  5. hello =D
    wud u please email me the blogshop at
    thank you.

  6. How many blogshops selling bb cream(which got featured) are selling their products at RM79? I believe it's the Hot Pink bb cream rite? ;)
    It got featured on Diary Addictions not long ago (prolly 1 - 2 weeks back)

  7. btw, if u shop around there are other blogshops which sells at cheaper prices from rm65-rm75 per bottle of 40ml. i guess, can't trust the features / reviews so much..

  8. ano 3, wrong post la -.-

  9. yeah.. i think its the pink bb cream.. i almost going to buy the item from her...

  10. Hey, let me know too.


  11. hey! I bought this pink bb cream from this blog. n i THINK its the same blog that we're talking about. yes, the one reviewed by Diary Addictions. But mine was in good condition though. n wrapped nicely. :)

  12. which blogshop?let me know

  13. if ur talking abt the one reviewed in Diary Addictions recently, i actually bought it and so far so good! In fact, at first nothing came out as well but I had to pump many many times for it to actually work (air pressure and stuff). I complained to her as well, and she promptly replied me.

    That is, if you're really talking about the one I'm talking about la =.=

  14. hey, can mail me the url too??


  15. hey, please mail me the url too :)
    thanks :D

  16. hi;) pls email me the blogname/url? tQ:)

  17. ok i know this is a silly question but what's BB cream ?