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Preloved so much it died!

I have been an avid online shopper for a couple of years now & couple of months ago I bought a 1 top & 1 dress from a vintage/preloved blogshop. The pictures was a little bit unclear, since its a vintage shop & maybe they intend on doing the pictures like that ?

The total was pretty cheap and I made prompt payment.

Few days after that, I received my parcel, and to my horror, the dress was like used 10 times and it was all loosey like how when you have worn a top the collar will get loose ? exactly like that ! :(

Not only that, the top was like, pure & utter EW. The collar was all stained by some yellow stain or something & the whole top looked OLD !! :(

I was so SO mad i didnt even bother emailing them because obviously, what can they do ? :(

Sigh. Lesson learnt. Never get from them again and worst still, they closed down their blogshop after that :(


  1. Mission accomplished!! They sold you the very last kain lap kaki then bungkus kedai la.

    I dont get it, why do you all keep quiet when all these happen.

  2. Probably that's the reason for selling it cheap.

  3. haiya ... i think they were just getting rid of really old stuff and after they managed to sell off all their junk, they closed shop.

    why oh why did you keep quiet?

  4. even if she told the seller, what can they both do? the seller obviously won't refund back her money, and the buyer can't do anything to force the seller to refund. right?

    well if you people have any idea, do share. since i've once experienced something like this before.

  5. some years ago I had the same experience.. clothes with stain and holes.. ever since then whenever i want to purchase clothes online, i'll specifically ask "any stains/holes/discolorations" and "does it look completely worn out or in very preloved condition?"

    if replies are all No, then i'll buy. if i received clothes that have all the above mentioned, i'll ask for refund, giving the emails as proof :P