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I want to telephone you

I am a seller. No major situations except for those MIA buyers! Which is enough to irritate the hell out of us, sellers! However, I received an email which goes like this:

"hi...bole bg ur phone no.i bminat nk bli bju but i x dpt salu online...plz do rply me ya. "
Being the nice me (lolz), I replied:
" hello there, please do send us email for your orders. thanks! "

The reply that came the next day:
" u x leh bg phone no ke senang ckit... "

*Patient* "pls give us your contact number, and your orders, we will contact you, is that ok? "

WTH, you have not even placed any orders, let alone given your information, why do you need my contact for? Slap me for being paranoid, but at the back of my mind i keep asking what does she want to do with my number? Even if she was being genuine, how would you do online shopping, if 'x dpt salu online'? o_O

Besides, I don't publish my phone number on my blog for privacy reason, and all dealings are done through emails. Besides, i do check my emails every single day OK.

To sellers out there, what will you do? Please share.


  1. i got the same email too..

    Hi,bole bg ur ph0ne n0?i nk bli baju but I xdpt salu 0nline.plz ya.i need ur ph0ne n0.

    n i gave my no,and she sms me wants to buy quite a lot, but she keep on changing her mind every minutes n seconds...den told me she already make payment,when i check nothing, n she said oh sorry bla bla last i asked her fill the order form once she decide to buy or not..

  2. I actually received the same inquiry on my cbox a few weeks back. She asked for my contact number too. But I replied nicely and asked her to email me instead. No word from her after that. Then I saw the same inquiry from her a week later on other blogshops' cbox. Weird...

  3. whoa ho ho ho.... o_O

    How like that? We have talipon haggler on the loose!

  4. From the wordings (or rather short forms) used, it seems to be from the same person, isn't it?

    Do they have nothing better to do or what?

  5. I have the same problem with a buyer want buy the items, and request for phone number, but i refuse to, after that she said if i do not give my phone number, she will refuse to buy my item and think that i will scam her money...isk..

  6. i'M s0 k3wl cUz I tyP3 liKe tHis.

    HAHA. enough with the fancy wordings already! its either proper english or bahasa. deal with it.

  7. I won't give my no. too as every order/ enquiry has to be done by email, as it's easier to refer back, and as a record.
    Cause if she's really interested she'll email you the order.

    I got 1 buyer too, said no time to online, so asked me to give her my number, but after my observation, i noticed that she changed her facebook profile pic DAILY.

    Also if she have no time to online, she would have reply you few days after the 1st email, instead of the replying you the very next day. Means she can access to the internet easily.

  8. am a seller here too.
    i've encountered 2 buyers asking for my hp number and they said it'll make the deal faster and easier (they asked with proper english/bahasa) i gave mine to them and yes, made a 300bucks deal :D

  9. I usually keep a seperate phone number. One for the business and another personal. That way, at least it's slightly easier to deal with customers. :)

    Some of them prefer to contact you through phone because they are not sure to trust you or not, so giving a phone number to them would give them confident to deal with you.

  10. Yea, I give my phone number to potential customers too to speed up the deal. They get their items faster, and I receive the payments sooner. It's a win-win situation :D

  11. yea i do give out my phone number to customers. but most of the customers who i deal with on smses usually went MIA for months. really waste of time and credit.

  12. Those who successfully secure a deal by providing your numbers, great to know that.
    i believe they have given you their orders, before you released the phone number, am i right?
    If she had placed her orders, I don't mind contacting her & revealing my number by then.
    but so far, judging from comments so far, the bad seem to take over the good :D

  13. agreed with the last anon..they send thousand of sms asking this n that n showed that they really intrested to buy,and once we give acc no n etc,they go MIA....never reply sms after that..wasting credit only.

  14. guess what? she mailed me today to place order for 3 items. AND *ta-daa* she can be online in the evening this time. I can't help it, but be a little sarcastic when i asked her 'boleh juga u online siang & malam... " :D
    she left her contact number and expect me to call her already.

  15. haha... I also receive one like that! I refused to give, she MIA already! Really Wan Kat fella! May be we are talk about about the same person!! haha...

  16. so far, no deal is secured. she will most likely dissapear into thin air. i didn't reveal my contact number to her after all!
    she wrote in her email lotsa fancy malay words, and i swear, i don't even understand what she wrote.
    alas, she didn't even read the T&C stated in my page.
    ahh, this could be another topic for SMWDY - buyers who don't read Terms & Conditions !!

  17. im a seller and do provide my hp no. its easy for my customer to contact me, in case she have anything to ask when she is not infront of the laptop. well, not evryone use bb right?

    and if i shop online, i would like to have the number of the seller, so that i can call them to arrange anything or if i would like to buy A LOT of stuffs, i would like to discuss in the very faster way as email might not be promptly reply.

    no offense