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Your lost

I've been an avid online shopper since the beginning of this year.  So far, most of the online blogs i came upon were quite pleasant and the sellers most importantly were always polite and nice. Even if i were just inquiring or bargaining with them about the prices, they would still reply me in a nice manner.

However, there's just this one blog that i happen to stumble upon and found something that i really liked.  Immediately i inquired on the prices and BAM!!

She kept asking for my details first instead of giving me the total to the items that i want.  I mean like, Hello don't you know that details are every bit as sensitive information.  In the end, she said that she wasn't interested in dealing with me.

I'm not sure why, but so far i had pretty good track with other blogs that i frequent.  I always make payment in time and seriously, i've never backed out from any order i made.

I even made sure that i asked and replied in a proper manner.  All i got was cocky and snappy answers from her.
Please if you're out there to do some business, please make sure that you give the best service possible.

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