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More phone issues

I was browsing on Ebay the other day and came across this seller selling Herbalife tea mix at a slightly cheaper price than normal (around RM10 - RM15 cheaper).

So I messaged her to enquire about the manufacturing and expiry date. Just to be on the safe side in case she's selling soon-to-be expired products at a cheaper price.
As I am a Herbalife user, I know that the manufacturing and expiry date is printed at the bottom of the bottle together. But when she replied me, she just stated that all her items are fresh and that it'll expire in 2011 (which is next year). I was kinda irritated coz why can't she tell me the month as well. It's all written on the bottle. I got a little bit irritated at this point.

And I know that it's not fresh coz that particular product has at least 2 - 3 years shelf life from the manufactured date. So if it expires in 2011, it must have been manufactured in 2008 or 2009. But anyway, I decided to get it from her since I estimate I would finish the product before next year and since the COD place she listed (Sunway Pyramid) is convenient for me.

I messaged her my contact number in the morning and told her to contact me through my number to set the time for COD. I also told her I need the item asap coz mine has already ran out.

Waited for her sms the whole day, and got her message only at 10pm at night on Ebay:
"Would there be anywhere else that I can cod to you to? Where do you work or live? You see I used to work near Sunway but I am not working there anymore and am a fulltime housewife tending to my 2 year old kid without help. So, now it's a bit difficult for me to move around. Hope you understand. I live near Kinrara, Puchong. Let me know."

At this point, I got really irritated!
Since she can't go to the COD place (which she set herself) to meet up, won't it be faster to contact me through phone so we can discuss the COD details sooner? I don't and won't mind driving over to where she stays to COD. But why can't she contact me through my phone number?? I already told her that I wish to COD asap.

This seller is sooo irritating. So afraid to disclose your phone number then don't sell stuff la. Wasting my time!! Irritated to the max!

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  1. by the way, it's illegal to purchase or sell discounted Hlf products. Even if the seller offers it, it unethical to buy it. Under direct selling rules. If you know anyone who is selling products online, please kindly remind the seller or report them if they don't take it down. We provide results not mere products.