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Those Better Not Be It!

As a frequent online shopper for clothes, I don't really mind so much if an actual person models over the clothes one is selling. As long as there's no stain, smell or damage done to it, it's still okay.

However, when I was browsing through swimsuits from various blogsites, I discovered a few who modeled the bikinis themselves.

I suppose to me, bikinis/swimsuits are like your undergarments. And to have someone wearing that piece and sell it off..turns me off very highly. I suppose there are people who doesn't mind it but hygiene wise - I rather not see anyone wearing them unless there's a new piece to be given out.

Please, even if you have a beautiful figure to show off, don't model those bikinis if it's the only piece you have to sell to us. Even if you wear's still not a smart thing to do.

Slap me if you think I'm being picky but ... on second thought never mind; I shall not let my imagination run wild with the icky possibilities. Eeks.

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  1. Haha I second the author! I'll rather let my imagination run 'wild' to how I look if I don the bikinis than looking at the sellers/models wearing them in pictures!