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What do you think about the policy of "once ordered, no back outs are allowed or you shall be blacklisted"?

I know to most sellers they would disagree with me, but i think certain limitation should be given..

I would understand if the item reserved is a hot selling item or pre-order as certain procedure had to be done and cash would probably had to be forked out by the sellers prior to the sales... but there was this one time where i reserved an item for my sister (who was underage) and as any 16  years old they changed their minds every 20 minutes..

So I nicely asked her if it is possible to back out from buying the item as there would be no point of me purchasing it since my sister no longer interested in it? And i even apologized for it if there was any trouble caused... but she curtly replied- NO, READ OUR POLICY. MAKE PAYMENT TO OUR ACCOUNT XXXX SO THAT WE CAN POST IT.

ok....and at the same time I found out that she sold the item 3 times the actual price (after going through other blogs). So since i didn't want to cause any trouble, i bought the item which neither i nor my sister wanted and i still have the item at home. Bought 6 months ago in a plastic as it came to my house. Never been opened and it was such a waste.

And I would browsed through their blog to see that the item i bought would still be available up until now. Just to show that even if i didnt buy the item, I didnt exactly deprived any of her other customers' right in purchasing the item!

Besides, is it so much trouble for the seller to just edit/click on the word from reserved to UN-reserved? And i really do appreciate all the sellers out there who do not practice this kind of policy because sometimes circumstances do change and thus making it difficult for us to proceed with the purchases.

So what do you think? Slap me if you think im being unreasonable, but slap the sellers(who forces people to buy their stuff through this means)


  1. As a seller myself, as long the customer email and inform me to cancel the item I'm ok with it. But only for once. If is the second time, cancelled again then next time I won't reserve any more for her. Those who didn't reply and just went missing without inform cancellation of order is SUPER annoying and #@%$Y%$%@^%$#$

    But the seller that you are dealing with is kind of harsh. Probably the seller meets too many back out buyer? or maybe she's having a bad hair day. Or probably her sales is not that good, that's why she insisted you on buying it.

    And did she really reply it in all CAPITAL LETTER? then she's really really rude. At least you inform her that you wanted to cancel the order. Better than just ignore and didn't inform her at all.

    Guess that you had met the 'pre-mature' seller, as not all seller force their customer to buy their stuff :)

  2. you shouldnt have made the payment in the 1st place..after all,uve made it clear tat the price is exorbitantly expensive, to me lah..
    in my opinion..your situation is under a special circumstances...because most of the time,those backout buyers are irresponsible & fickle minded..which annoys the sellers...but ur seller is unreasonable oso..dont buy from her nextime!

  3. oh well, im a seller too and i have encountered numerous buyers who use "helping sister to purchase stuff" as a reason to backout.

    helping sister to purchase, bf doesnt like it, sudden outstation trip so cant pay etc are common reasons that buyers gave to cancel their order. (since you have published this post in SMWDY, if this reason is acceptable then more buyers will use this reason to backout, and we ll never know whether if it is true)

    so it's normal for seller to react in such a way to insist for payment or else you'll be blacklisted. but you are a nice buyer too as you are willing to pay at least because most buyers will just don't pay.

    the moral of the lesson is don't help your sis to purchase or ask her to pay 1st (or you buy for her) before you place an order for her.

    for seller, may be you can consider first pay first serve basis and only do reservation when the buyer requested for longer payment period.


  4. Personally, I feel if you have confirmed with the seller that you would like to purchase item XXX and asked for her payment details then if you don't bank in after this, this is considered a backout.

    It may seem harsh that the sellers impose such a great limitation but then again, if you were in their shoes, they may lose potential buyers out there who were interested in their items while you decided to backout.

    So always, please think twice or thrice if you need- before emailing the seller saying you want to purchase the particular item. This way then, only it is fair.

    No one put the gun to your head to buy a particular item so, the choice is still yours to make. Be rational babes!

  5. I'm a seller, met countless backout buyers before. And I agree that once you have provided your details and seller has given her bank details.. it's a reservation on item that you need to honor. If you decide not to purchase at this point, it's a backout.

    I always inform potential buyers on the reservation period as well as telling my interested waiting buyers to hold on till I received payment. If potential buyers gone missing, I'll unreserve item automatically after the given reservation period and let my waiting customers have a chance. I go strictly by reservation rule - If you dun honor it, I will send at most 2 follow-ups and after that won't chase after you with tons of emails asking and asking. I'll just update the status to available. If you are really interested then I'm sure you will either ask for period extension earlier on or complete the transaction on time - yes?

    However I do not blacklist people. Annoying as some backout buyers can be, we dun have to resort to cancel them out indefinitely. Some sellers publicize their blacklist in the blogs, it's not very nice.. there can be a lot of ways to teach them a lesson but dun have to shame them like that..

  6. if you're interested then confirm order and make payment. however, it's always dangerous when buying/ordering on behalf of someone (case as in the post).

    some sellers might give a little bit of leeway when it comes to backouts (e.g. if you e-mail and apologise and give a reasonable excuse) but think of the sellers, too. imagine if 10 out of 10 people do that.

    business lingkup lor!

  7. Aii, money is really hard to earn. Whenever we as a seller, receive buyer reservation form, ofcourse is a happy thing, and then later on they have lots of lame excuses to refuse make payment, i even received the excuses such as, house have funeral...which is really bad one..

  8. hye, im the author here, and thank you for your feedbacks :) for most of the feedbacks, i do understand that i would have no business to act in such a way if the item is a hot selling item or pre-order....because i certainly wouldn't want to be at the other end of the person having to "wait" for an item that has been "reserved", but the blogshop i went was a new blog, and they did specify that "Reservation is allowed for a maximum of 2 days. Item will be released once it reached 2 days period." my case, i emailed them that i couldnt proceed within that 2 days because of the reason given, but they still insisted that i pay.....and i actually paid the item AFTER 5 days....soooo......doesn't that mean they didn't really follow their rules? i thought they would have released it after 2 days...but they kept on emailing me to pay after the expiry date....soo....seriously...i don't really understand the purpose of the rule.....or perhaps no one wanted to buy the item i have reserved, that was why they kept on asking me to pay after the 2 days were up? just afraid that sometimes some sellers took this "rule" as an advantage to coax people to buy their item...

    and as to MIA and back buyer, don't you think they are two different things? i would totally understand in cases of MIA buyers, because not only they deprive other buyers, but sellers would have a chance of losing other potential customers as they wouldnt know the position of the MIA buyer (to buy or not to buy), but i think back out buyers are those who actually informed the sellers about their intention, so shouldnt that be ok?

    btw thanks so much! :) i appreciate every feedbacks!

  9. MIA and backout buyers = same.

    If customers ordered items, we reserve for them and they went missing.. yea they MIA hence become backout buyers.

    Buyers who ordered items and we reserve for them with invoice given, they decide not to buy, like i said, they do not honor the reservation rule. Thus, considered backout buyers.

    In both cases, I just pape lah. No point scolding or forcing. Just let it go and hope others will be interested in the items.

  10. "the moral of the lesson is don't help your sis to purchase or ask her to pay 1st (or you buy for her) before you place an order for her."

    Disagree. Period.

    OMG dear, u're so nice to even pay! So what if they black-list u? Not like u want to purchase from them again, wouldn't ya?

    I think if the buyer says politely and say sorry and all, we should forgive them, wouldn't we? At least they're replying, rather than having to wait for MIA buyers..

    I'm a seller, I do not blacklist my customers. I got a buyer who already paid, and then cancelled the order. That was her 2nd order. The 1st item haven't yet received *she THOUGHT she haven't receive it* and I'm so nice to even give her money back. I just dont wanna deal with her again.

    Sometimes, people just doesn't read your email, maybe it's true that they have problems etc. It's not right to blacklist someone.. They could have bought using her friends etc. and oh! what else, to humiliate her.

    Just tell the buyers how deprived are you, how you would lost potential buyers and it's unfair etc. Maybe, just maybe..they'll listen?

  11. author

    thanks elmyra :) btw i think it's just me, i always believe in ethical values and adhere quite strictly towards it. and if were to NOT reply or went MIA, my conscience would be eating me up inside...i know im weird!! ;p

    and i always believe that karma would bite me back if i do bad things to people, so which is why i paid, despite the fact whether or not i;ll be purchasing from her in the future to come ;)