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The curious case of Miss Blur Queen

A buyer bought 2 items from me, after paid, then i shipped out item as usual via post laju.
After few days, this buyer email me
B: I haven't receive my item!!!
S: We have posted out yr item, and provided the tracking code for you, have you check with post laju?
later i check the delivery status myself via online, and bingo, the item successfully delivered to the said address.
I email her back..
S: Hi, based on the record shown, your item successfully delivered to your place. Is there anyone help you sign for the item?
B: Oh, ok, i got it d!
Me: (@#$%)
Later one..received her email again
B: Hey, i bought 4 items from you le, and you posted wrong item, where is my item!???
I checked my transaction record and 100% SURE that she just bought 2 items from me, and with the proof of payment information that she just paid for the exact amount, so i replied
S: Hi, you just bought 2 items from us, based on your payment details, bla bla bla how much, for which item.....
B: No, i very sure that i paid RMxxx for 4 items, i bought A, B, C & D!!!
We know that we only have A item for sale, no B, C, D, so i replied her
S: Did you mixed up your purchase from us with other seller??As we do not sell B, C, & D. Pls check properly, TQ
Later the buyer replied
B: Oh ya, is my sister bought item from you, and i bought items from other seller, we mixed up d, thanks ya..
S: --------speechless------
Once a while will have this kind of blur buyer

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  1. she didn't exactly say sorry but i suppose her tone was apologetic enough :) kudos to seller for keeping her cool!