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Okay so here's my bit on what annoys me as a buyer.
I was looking at a blogshop the other day, and I was interested in purchasing a dress. It stated there not one, not two, but three available!

Ah bless me what are the odds that all three will be "sold out" in that very moment? Right away, I sent an email asking if I could purchase it now and if it could be delivered within the next 3 days as I needed it. To top that, I even sent an order form just in case the seller missed out on my mail. sigh*

So I waited and waited and waited, still no reply. Then, 2 days later I decided to check on the blogshop to see if the items were still available. To my surprise, it was all sold out!
How come you can update status of the items on your blog but not reply a buyer?
Hello! as a seller don't you have the decency to reply and tell your interested buyers that items are either reserved or sold out? At least, they don't have to wait for a reply like an idiot.


  1. oh, i had that too. she replied me 1 day later only to mentioned, all sold out.. think she had like 5 pieces? =S either she chose who to reply or i'm really unlucky.

  2. Maybe the clothes were reserved by close friends who get a sneak peek of her updates? Dunno ... can't think of a valid reason for that :p

  3. That happened to me before too, I messaged the blog owner's mobile because it was a very pretty dress on sale, but the owner never replied my sms, and the next day I checked the blog and ta-da it's gone!
    I was so frustrated but oh well, save my money for other dresses then...