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Unjustified Extra Cost

Late last year, the A4 sized pos ekspress envelope's price increased from RM4 to RM4.50. Some sellers charge their customers RM5 for it and I'm fine with it.

What I'm pissed off about is when I pay RM5 for the A4 sized envelope, only to have the seller squeeze my purchase into the half A4 sized pos ekspress envelope.

And this not only happened with 1 blogshop. It happened with several blogshops I shopped at.
This means that I'm paying RM1.50 extra for nothing!
Sellers, what is this nonsense??!


  1. That does seem a tad unfair. Personally I've not noticed anything of that sort from the blogshops I've bought from.

    Sellers, any comments??

  2. Actually if the seller sell the item at lower price they'll cover back from the postage charges.

    So maybe you found the dress / blouse is slightly cheaper than others, but after adding the postage, it's the same price as others with normal postage charges.

  3. sometimes the post office dont have the RM 4 envelope or its sold out, cant blame the seller if you want the item urgently, at least she sent you the item with no delays.:)

  4. @Anonymous 1:
    Actually, the latest item I bought which got squeezed into the small envelope was a tank top (the ones you find in Tanks for 5 @ RM5). The seller was selling it at RM20. So in total, I paid RM25 inclusive of postage. And it came in the half A4 size envelope.
    But even if the item is a cheap one, adding RM1 or RM2 to the actual item won't make much difference. Why earn back the money in such a cunning way?

    @ Anonymous 2: I didn't request for the seller to send it immediately. Even if they did run out of the bigger envelopes, the least the seller could do was inform me about it before/after posting my item and offer to return the extra change in my parcel out of courtesy. That way, it wouldn't make me feel cheated.

  5. I am with the author too. Seller do not have to do that way to earn back little money. Sometime i don't even bother the RM0.50, i will just charge the RM4 for the large envo too. But if buyer do not need item urgent, i would suggest my buyer have their item posted via registered parcel. Which is cheaper a lot. Just a bit slower maybe need 3-5 working days, but still safer than post express which need signature open received. Just my 2cent :)

  6. I met one. I paid RM4.50 for postage, but she sent my order by RM3.50 pos express. She charged more for her packing labour, parking and petrol. It is stated in her blog. I never go back to her anymore. :(

  7. Author & 4th Anon, I don't charge labour fee! Becos I am not a labour! Haha...

    I send my customers' orders on the way to work or way back home, passing by near by post office. Even if I go for date/movie/shopping, nowadays inside shopping malls also have post office! So customers no need to pay my parking fee or petrol! Thanks.

  8. I met one. I paid RM4.50 for postage, but she sent my order by RM3.50 pos express. She charged more for her packing labour, parking and petrol. It is stated in her blog. I never go back to her anymore. :(

    *HUH?? its stated in her blog but you're upset why?

  9. Hi Jay. Even though the seller justified, but it is still not make sense! Why the buyers must pay the seller's petrol/parking fee in order to send our order?
    I believe sellers consider all these when she tags a price on her products. It is the same like retail shops, they mark-up their price in considering they are paying their sales staff, rental, water and electrical bills... Buyers no need to top up anymore when we make purchases!
    I think this seller will soon charge GST once government approve! Then she can make more profit out of it. Wah...

  10. I'm curious as to why I got slaps.
    From those sellers who pulled the half A4 sized envelope trick perhaps? 0.o

  11. For those sellers who try to earn from postage, and squeeze everything in a smaller size pos express envelope: Pos express has a maximum thickness, 5mm for RM3.50, and 10mm for RM4.50. Don't know? Check the envelope, left bottom!

    How if posmen throw away our parcel?Blame the sellers if we can't get the order. :(