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Just one favor I would like to ask of Sellers. Besides clearer photos and full measurements of course. ;D
I would love to take a look at your blogshops more if you could add the "Available" section on your shops cause it will be much for convenient for us to browse your items. As much as I love to look at those beautiful dresses, it makes no sense if they are already sold out by the time I reach to the bottom of the post. Besides, I am sure you have some available items stored in a few months old posts. It's just easier for us to browse without looking at your archive from 2007. That way, maybe you could clear up your old stocks too without re-post them on your blogshop! Hope you understand what I'm trying to convey here. (*^__^*)

Don't have to slap sellers for this post. Slap me if you disagree with me, but LOL if you agree with me. Other buyers can comment to share more of your shopping experience and sellers can comment to explain to us about the missing "Available" button? maybe we will understand~ =D Thanks!


  1. yes thank you buyer for a very pertinent post! i agree that items which are "sold" definitely should be deleted from the main page. it's irritating when i fall in love with an item and i see that it's sold :(

  2. has it ever occured to anyone that the sold items are usually the nicer more attractive ones, thats why they got sold faster and the ones that are left usually are the not so nice ones, so it makes sense to want to leave the attractive albeit sold ones around so visitors who come by the blog won't think that all the blog ever sells are ugly leftover shit? also most blogshops are using blogspot/blogger platforms which are free but have limited features. there isn't an 'available' button sellers can put in unless they know how to fiddle around with the codings which most people won't spend the time to learn cos it's really not as easy as you think. just saying..

  3. i think the writer is polite la, why are you so rude, realdeal? if sellers can't even find time to learn simple codings then don't open blogshop lah. who says blogger/blogspot cannot use available button?? just simply tag the post available then it will only appear on available. what are you, retarded? dunno what tag is? the writer is trying to help sellers but you are talking as if this post will harm sellers.

    ahh, im just really annoyed with people ending stupid comments with 'just saying'. as if it means anything.

    oh well, JUST SAYING.