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Mix-Up Mayhem

Okay so I deserved to be slapped for this one.

I bought this item from a blogshop.
When the parcel arrived, I was surprised to find that the top I bought came with a box of chocolates.

It was a huge huge box with about 21 chocolates in it, and I was very sure she didn't mean for me to have them. It was a Lindt brand too, pretty expensive stuff. I know I should've returned it to her, but.. I just couldn't.

Sure enough, she emailed me asking about the chocs and said she sent it by accident, it was supposedly for her girlfriend who had bought the same top as I have. And her girlfriend lives in Penang.

I felt so bad, but I told her that I thought it was for me and that I've finished the entire box. She actually demanded that I pay her back, like what? So I ignored her after that and shared the chocs with my family. Why would I waste postage money just to send this back to her right?

Have anyone else received such 'free' gifts from sellers too?


  1. buyer should have sent the chocolate back to seller and asked seller to bear the postage, i'm sure she would have agreed to that.

    finishing the entire box of chocolate without paying the seller back is just plain stealing.

    nothing is free in ths world!

    slap buyer!

  2. Slightly Horrified but Not So MuchApril 7, 2010 at 4:15 PM

    Yeah, def slap Buyer.

    Just do as you would you would be done by is my mantra.

    Feeling bad after the fact ain't gonna make things right. Agree with 1st Anon, should've emailed Seller & ask her to bear postage for return of chocs.

  3. goodness buyer, u're so unethical.! may God bless your soul

  4. wow..u shouldnt have done may have very well been a mistake on her part but u should have at least email her to know the real situation...sometimes there are situation where seller would include free stuff...but if something like that happens (where the value of the chocolate is (maybe)more than the top u bought!) then something sure is amiss! (no one is that dumb to give something free where it is more expensive than purchased item....that;s just silly!)
    and u should not simply just take the chocolates!! yeah...anon above is right...that is downright stealing!! im sure the seller wouldnt mind paying for the postage if u u have told her about in the 1st place...

    well karma would bite u back in the ass....because u sure deserve it!!
    next time don't be so idiotic to assume everything is free....because it isnt!!


  5. long did it take the seller to email u when she realized it? assuming it would probably be at least 2-3 days or 1 week top!.... u actually FINISHED 21 chocolates by then?? u must be some FAT chick!! hahahaha

    no wonder you're so "gelojoh", that u failed to make a reasonable judgement!

    slapppppppppppppp buyer!!!

  6. didn't the chocolate melt??? as it was hot while transporting the parcel from destination A to destination B.

    you should asked her to bear the postage and send it to her friend or either send it back to her. as clearly it's not belong to you!

    you are damn cheap stake girl~

    you also sounded damn fake, if you feel bad, you would actually find a way to help her instead of lying to the seller by telling her that u had finished off her choc!

    You actually feel greedy instead of feeling bad!!

  7. Oh c'mon, any of you would've done the same.
    Don't act all holy just to please everyone else. Why are you people trying so hard to convince yourselves that you're above me? Lol.

  8. @Anon APRIL 7, 2010 4:24 PM
    Nope, I actually hadn't touched the chocs yet when I told her I ate it all.
    And she contacted me like 3 days later after her girlfriend received her parcel.

    To bad lah, it's her mistake.
    Oh and the chocs were not as good as I thought. -.-

  9. oh no I don't. I'll feel happier to help her sending back to her / to her friend (of coz she have to bear the postage) instead of eating with guilt (as in your case - kononnya)

    Not to say that I can't afford to buy my own and eat.

    only cheapstake people like you don't feel the guilt.

    don't your mom teach you not to eat foods which is not belong to you?

  10. @Anon APRIL 7, 2010 4:25 PM
    The chocs didnt melt, damn good packaging. It's Lindt's, duh.
    And yes, I am greedy. Total chocoholic.

  11. wahlau...this author has no sense of guilt at all!!

    I guess you had never eaten any Lindt chocolate before, that's why you are so tempted to cheat her and said you had eaten it.

  12. @Anon APRIL 7, 2010 4:31 PM
    I could've bought it myself and eat.
    But it's a different feeling getting it unexpectedly and without having to go to the supermart to get it.
    I may be cheap but time ain't cheap. And this saved me time from fulfilling my choco lust.

  13. The only conclusion I can come up with is that the author of this post is obviously oblivious to even the most basic moral values in life.
    May karma bite you in your sorry ass, author!

  14. Karma will hit u in your ass, then we'll see how u feel it being in the seller's shoes this time ^^

  15. just face it, you're as cheap as those beggars on the streets,
    they give, u eat!
    at least those giver give sincerely
    so beggars can eat happily

    u don't even feel sorry, yourself!
    imagine yourself being in the girlfriend position

    and no, I wouldn't have done the same! never

    u said it yourself, u deserve to be slap
    now here's a big ass slap on yr beggar face!

  16. The author sounded like more 'expensive' than the seller who charge RM2 for her time for posting parcel.

    And also feel kind of surprise to see such person feeling so proud even after she did such thing...

    my my....

  17. LOOOL chill la,
    don't go calling people fat chick/beggar pula,
    it was an honest mistake,
    and it is hard to resist temptation
    hahahhaha but you are avery naughty buyer lol

  18. Could u mail me the blog name...since you don't want to compensate her lose, let me send her chocolates...i have lots

  19. the author just want popularity,so glad doing that and post it here..ignore her..

    clearly she's not being honest n being bitchy...

    slap her million times !!

  20. kiranaorchid.. what if the author sends you her address? More free chocolate for her la! hahahahahhaa.

  21. wah liao.. next time if people send food which is poisoned also you eat lah kan? good for you then.

  22. lol, a cheapo trying to justify her actions about what she's done. tsktsk.

  23. @ Anon APRIL 7, 2010 5:26 PM
    You're my girl! I is very HARD to resist temptation, and it is at the doorstep already, so why hold yourself back?
    Morality values? Please..

    @Anon APRIL 7, 2010 5:32 PM
    Yeah right you would.

  24. you are so mean :( no wonder the world cannot be a better place :(

  25. The author is seriously one crazy chick. It's unbelievable how she thinks what she did is something to be proud of, to the extent of DEFENDING her actions and posting it for public viewing. Obviously, lying and stealing is second nature to her, seeing as she displays no guilt whatsoever despite being told off by the commentors.

    I believe in karma and clearly, the author will be getting some slapped in her face.

  26. put yourself in her place la. maybe after going through all the hassle to get the choc for her girlfriend, you eat it and all. and at the first place you knew it wasn't for you!

    you should be ashamed of yourself. makan makanan haram. eeee. i wouldn't do that! not good for my tummy. if i got pregnant later something happen to my baby? OH NOO! >.<

  27. what r u? a psychopath?

  28. owner of blogshop should reveal who the greedy pig is instead! haha

  29. omg,the author is such a sure the blog owner would gladly pay for the postage charges to send the chocs back.

    you and your whole family are unethical.if you ate it with your parents,it just shows how your parents brought u up.

    karma will come bite u in the ass real hard

  30. haha u guys are funny. must be a bunch of sellers taking turnss to slam on the buyers. are you guys having a fun time babes?
    come on lah, like she's the only one who would do such thing. its like when you see a rm50 dollar note on the jalan. do you really go around and ask people whether it's theirs? no aite? most probably u'll put it in ur pocket in a jiffy and started praying that nobody saw you then started to walk quickly to get out of the area.
    so i guess she just acted to the normal human behavior. though its not sumting to be proud of but hey, she's human!

    note to seller: be extra careful next time. its your fault that the chocs got delivered to the wrong person. face it babes, not everybody is an angel in this world. finders-keepers~

  31. @Anon APRIL 7, 2010 6:20 PM
    Yeah well this is an anonymous site, so it's not like im publicly declaring myself. It's more of, i would say, entertainment value?

    @Anon APRIL 7, 2010 6:21 PM
    Hmmm, pregnant via chocolates? Is that what you're implying or are you just being smart here.
    Doesnt sound smart to me.

    @Anon APRIL 7, 2010 6:21 PM
    Yes. *gasps* A choco psycho.

  32. @Anon APRIL 7, 2010 6:29 PM
    Naww, my parents didn't know they were free chocs.
    They thought it was some leftover gift from the hampers we received. Don't slap at my parents yo, slap me! (didnt i mention that in the first sentence i wrote?)

  33. @Anon APRIL 7, 2010 6:34 PM
    Exactly! Finders keepers.
    I didnt steal it outta the crib!

  34. wow who knew there were such cheap girls in this world. GEEZ! its just lindt chocolate, are you that desperate!? Or rather is your family THAT desperate?! -_-

    And btw i think half the girls here are way above you and would have given back the chocolates. Shows how 'well' your parents brought you up and how much 'moral values' you have.

    I would have sent her back the chocolates because it was an honest mistake and please don't think everyone is as cheap as you author.

    Karma's a bitch, haven't you heard? ;)

  35. hey author.
    i think this is just a made up story. :)
    u saja2 post this thing so SMWDY wont be boring. :P

  36. May your stomach burns in HELL!

  37. Hey author,
    I hope one day you'll spot a very gorgeous item in that seller's shop, an item you would die to get your hands on.
    And then guess what? No amount of money in the world would make that seller sell it to you :)

  38. OH gawd! Big pig loh! You, bitch, should've returned the chocs to the seller back and yeah, agreed with the first anon about the postage.

    It was the seller's mistake, but it wasn't meant for you, you said it yourself. Put yourbigfatself in the seller's shoes, you wouldn't want that to happen to yourself, no?

    Let's just hope that you and your family aren't getting any nasty abnormalities like uncontrolled cell proliferation, artherosclerosis etc. You never know. Yeah we just never know :D What comes around goes around :)

    Sorry bitch! for the plain insult. Stay safe :)

  39. Now we just have to sit back and wait for the seller to come up with the other half of the juice XD

    How many blogshop owners will be asking for your email then lol! XD

  40. u said U FELT SO BAD....
    so why dont just pay back d money of the chocolate to the seller....since you said that you can afford too...

  41. wow this buyer even had the decency to post it up and knowing ppl would slap her and spam this comment page. damn sohai no?

    and to the anon who said about finding a RM50 note. if you find a RM50 note on the floor, you dunno who's one. of course anyone would take it -.- now the buyer KNOWS the chocolates are from who. of course a person with the right mind would send it back.

    you wanna defend her but make such a stupid comparison.

    and buyer, they're just freaking LINDT chocolates man. i bet the only chocolates you've ever eaten were cadbury's. :)

    chocolate also you wanna 'steal'. tsktsk shame on you girl.

  42. yeah, it was perfectly fine when she came to ask for it back, but no, you ate it all.

    Bad idea, cause you know she has your details and all that right? name, email, phone no, address, bla bla. later she write all over toilet doors. ahhahahhahahahahha.

    lol, i really hope the seller comes here and displays your information here nahahhaha.

    OH SELLER PLEASE DOOO!! Come here and expose her i really want to have a good laugh.

  43. omg!!! how can u do tis!!!!!! i will assure u tat u will be seriously sad wen someone do the same thing bac to u!

  44. finders keepers your stupid face lah.

    Agree with anon above, dude, so tell me if person A drops a RM50 note on the floor and you pick it up, and she comes to you and asks it back, you tell her "finders keepers is it?"


  45. so desperate are u?! just a chocolate. buy it yourself laa!

  46. maybe this one is the same girl who stole the blogshop owner's boyfriend previously. or maybe they are good friends!! O.O

  47. Hahahaha! You people are so funny. Karma seems to be your favorite word, do none of you have any creativity? Lol. Call me anything but what's done is done. I'm lazy fat and cheap. What's new?
    Oh and my whole family's doing fine after having that fine choc which we supposedly can't afford. Lindt is okay but Godiva is better.

  48. slaps buyer. =.= speechless!

  49. ok. finding a rm50 note on the street and not knowing who it belongs to is different to having someone send you a box of chocolates and knowing that it wasn't meant to be for you. AND worst, having that someone asking you about it. and author, it's so odd how u feel guilty but still chose not to be honest to the seller regarding the lindt. you've got no values woman. and if you're gonna reply saying that i would do the same, i'd say that what u're doing right now is justifying yourself cause u know what u've done was wrong and u're too embarrassed to admit ur mistake and guess what, i actually found a nokia 5230 end of last year in one utama's parking lot and i contacted one of the numbers in the owner's phone list so i can return d phone to the right owner and that's moral for u~

  50. oh author, try informing your parents. bet they'll be so ashamed of themselves for not bringing u up right

  51. blog owner, if you are reading this. please reveal this very sad and cheap bugger!

  52. to anon at april 7, 8.22 point exactly!! somehow after i read all the comments given by the author..i can't help but find some similarity as to the way she answered ever1's comment..rude, oblivious, ignorant and abit standoffish!

    i think perhaps she's the same girl from the post...or some post similar like this but i cant remember which as there are too many of them!!

    i dont know what's your real story girl..either u created this story just for the sake of your sick mind to entertain yourself..or u r truly sick for acting as such...

    btw not every1 would react like u...there are still responsible people who are still nice enough to return back things which do not belong to they still have a thing called conscience? maybe you should start having one..and i agree with anon above...the rm50 note situation cannot be compared to in that situation...u DON'T know who the person is...but this one YOU DO!


  53. ohemgee you ppl have no sense of humour. she never said she was proud of her actions but she did justify what she thought and she's just sharing something. if your best friend told you this you would've laughed. sure what she did could've been avoided but you know some times these sort of things happen. stop condemning her and get a sense of humour or you guys wont be going far in life.

  54. I dont find this story REAL at all. sounded like one of those psycho gals making up stories to stir up trouble in the blogosphere !

  55. but we're not her best friends......

  56. oh,i imagined if those choc she ate happened to b poisonous dat whud be hilarious.tats sooooo some kinda auntie attitude who love foc stuff hahhaha.

    @annonymous..who said u returned a handphone to the owner .ya i agree wat u 've said nt evryone will do the same thing.coincidence i wud say i oso returned a handphone found in a fittin room at parkson to its owner.And i myself also lost my purse at college once and de nxt day i got it back frm de canteen staff who recognize my face frm de pic inside my purse sayin some honest nice students hand it to buyer nt evryone r like uuuu.okie u cn be selfish once awhile but plz give a 2nd thoughts and put those probs in ur own shoes c hw u'll feel.

  57. To anon @ APRIL 7, 2010 9:11 PM:

    Even if it was my best friend in such a situation, or even one of my family members, I will still tell them off for being such a immoral person. Lying and stealing is not a laughing matter, regardless of the amount. Moreover, the Author clearly isn't regretting her actions but seems to be reveling in her notoriety.

    "sure what she did could've been avoided but you know some times these sort of things happen."

    how would it "happen" exactly? the author clearly had the chance to admit to the blogowner the mistake and return it, but she lied. it's a conscious act on her part, not any miscommunication or mistake or any sort of situation where it's just plain bad luck and no one can be blamed.

  58. to anon APRIL 7, 2010 8:41 PM,
    that what makes her different from you. my point was to pointed out to you guys that not all people have the heart of an angel to actually make some effort to return things that are not rightfully theirs. but that doesn't makes her a totally bad person is it? its just bloody chocolate that the seller has mistakenly sent to her regardless of the brand.

    besides as few of u has pointed out, this might be just a made up story for laughs. why don't u guys lighten up and have a laugh?

    hahahahha, good job author at making me laugh today!

  59. I feel like I'm being given a lecture by my conscience.
    Thing is, I'm just very immature and a box of chocs isn't sucha pain. It's not like I'm stealing someone's boyfriend like what some of you referred me to in another story. I swear I don't know the other author, and neither am I that girl. I'm just a greedy person who's honestly too lazy to go all the way to the post office to send back a damn box of chocs. If it's a handphone, it's a different thing. Chocs can be bought anywhere, anytime. If she sends me rm50 though, I'd still return it via online banking. The post office is awesomely far from my place and is packed with people. Even if it isn't, no parking.
    Ultimately, chocs on your doorstep, sinful guilty pleasure. So there.

    If the seller do happen to come across this post though, u swear I'll bank in the rm35 her chocs cost. Yea, she left the price tag on. -_-

  60. Moral values do exist.

    A seller once mistakenly send me an item that I had not ordered. I contacted her and she was so grateful! I sent the stuffs to the rightful owner and seller compensated me the postage price plus a discount on my next order.

    As much as I'd like the items for myself, I know they do not rightfully belong to me.

  61. i think there's no point for us to say anymore to this idiotic AUTHOR.

    she'll still think what she did is nothing bad and the way we're reacting is like "sheesh like you wouldn't do the same".

    but you so desperate to eat the lindt chocolates, never eat expensive chocolates before meh.

  62. u greedy ass slap u 1000x!!!!
    wad d hell?? WHY? u dont hav nice frens to send u a box of choc as suprice ay? well.. i think most of us knows y no 1 sends u gifts den..
    wonder if u wrote to SMWDY coz u felt a tiny bit of guilt or simply is soooooo proud of wad u did!

    n to anon who said u wont return the RM50 if u found 1 on the road.. IF U DONT KNOW WHO DROPPED IT HOW U WANT TO RETURN???
    since author KNOWS who the choc actually belongs to, she could hav sent it back.. arghhh! lying greedy fool!

  63. Regardless of whether this story is made up or not, what the author claimed to have done is just disgusting, and dishonest.

    If anyone i knew acted that way, i would tell them that what they did was wrong. We're supposed to help each other be better people instead of supporting and laughing at corrupted personalities.

    Anon @ April 7, 2010 6:34 PM
    "… she's the only one who would do such thing"

    Anon @ April 7, 2010 6:34 PM.
    "……she just acted to the normal human behavior"

    Anon @ April 7, 2010 9:11 PM
    “……stop condemning her and get a sense of humor or you guys wont be going far in life.”

    Where are your conscience? Has it been fed to the animals, digested and have become non-existent? People like you are no different than criminals. Y’all have low consciences.

  64. To the author,

    “… Nope, I actually hadn't touched the chocs yet when I told her I ate it all…,
    …So I ignored her after that and shared the chocs with my family….
    …To bad lah, it's her mistake.”

    “..If the seller do happen to come across this post though, u swear I'll bank in the rm35 her chocs cost. Yea, she left the price tag on?

    Seriously, what u have done is neither funny nor admirable. Its despicable.
    Just pay her back already. Like you said.. since u’re too lazy to go to the post office to mail it back to her, and u cannot control the greed that u seem so proud of, just pay her back via Internet banking.

  65. i hate people who eat others chocApril 7, 2010 at 11:11 PM

    lying is a sin,
    then eating what u know is not yours is a sin, gather up your parents to eat wit u is a sin too!
    damn this girl is a BIG SINNER.
    well maybe the hell members are all her family too.
    booo you author! slap slap slappity SLAP!

  66. Sound so familiar like the COD who got the seller's bf in return.

    So you expect us to give u an applause for watever u've done? Cheapskate and attention seeking. Sad case and i feel sorry for you & the seller. For u more ....

  67. kudos author! u've made SMWDY somewhat interesting again. And i'm pretty sure that this story is a made-up. i mean, the seller doesn't say anything right? perhaps it is only the right time for the seller to surface :P

    and to all of you who get worked up so much on this story, please save it for other things that might be less made-up.

    i lol-ed 100times for this post! yeay!

  68. woi Author..
    if the seller do happen to come across this post though, u swear I'll bank in the rm35 her chocs cost. Yea, she left the price tag on. -_-

    you got the seller contact number right..ask for the bank detail la...why you want to be such a stupid big fat pig!!

    Truely said..I'm not a fan of choc.i know cadbury..godiva..and some hotel's specialty when you put lindt(expensive)..i thought it was like 1 choc for RM45 or something..The whole box is RM35??hey just do the world a her back la!!Why your standard so low one..??well have to be honest..i think now pengemis standard is higger than yours girl!You dropped your face on the drain big time girl!!
    The seller might not be rich or brainless or may be heartless as you..RM35 must be alot for her a human being abit la..

    owh want something creative than "karma".Read this:
    you doing something bad to people today...shit might not happen to you tomorrow or next week.. it might come to you next year..or may be next 5 years..But God will punish you for sure!
    Until then..stay safe..
    Thanks for making alot of people pissed with you today..
    And May God have mercy on your soul...

  69. i hate unethical pplApril 7, 2010 at 11:59 PM

    disgusted....and the author never even feel guilty but very proud cheapskate she can be...eww....disgusted....


    so go pay the rm35 to the seller la author...

    if this is a real story,
    you will always be remembered by this incident because chocolates-food-down your throat-in your stomach-becomes apart of your fats

    you ate chocolates that are not meant for you, you'll always feel the guilt in you, as i said, the chocolates are now your fats which you carry everywhere, every second with you :)

  71. More than 70 comments? But Author seem to replied to most of them, and not showing any guilt! Hopeless!

  72. LOL, Lindt, pretty expensive stuff for you huh. If you've eaten Godiva before darling, you wouldn't even think of Lindt as expensive and be tempted by it. ;)

  73. If this is the sense of humor, I don't need humor.
    Lame, stupid. Boo you! Slaps the author!

    AHAHA! So bad idea lah. Agreed with one of the anons above. The seller has your details. He/She can do whatever he/she pleases i.e: give your details to anyone, blabla. Internet is serious business, dudette!

    If I were the seller, I'd definitely get your fat arse back :) Purposely send other branded chocs to you with added "extra ingredients" :DDD

    If this is made-up story, you seriously need to step outside, see the sun and make friends girl! I see that this troll is lack of attention. You need some love :) *slaps the troll*

  74. Hrmm a lot of do-gooders here.
    But yea, the Lindts I had before definitely cost over 100 per box, hers must've been from some warehouse sales come to think of it.

    But yes, I have sent her an email regarding a refund for her. She says it's pointless cos her girlfriend has left to further her studies by now. Apparently she was supposed to receive it two days before she went off. I couldn't have sent it to her in time anyways.

    Oh and about the refund, you do-gooders can eat your words, she doesn't want it. Too heartbroken over her girlfriends departure to even worry about a box of chocs. To all my morality teachers, I APOLOGIZED. She said it was okay. So there. :D

  75. ha! one fine day, if something similar ever happens to this author, God will secretly laugh at her. when it does not belong to you then return it. yes you can afford those chocolates, so why wanna keep it? that reflects your personality. tsk tsk tsk.

  76. I hate dishonest peopleApril 8, 2010 at 7:56 AM

    Author, You are guilty. as simple as that. Good luck having sweet dreams at night (pun entirely intended), such dishonesty!

    Slap you many times over!

  77. Lololol! I've heard of Godiva, Patchi and stuff but I've never heard of Lindt :/ is it just me being ignorant? or is it just not that good? :/

  78. Dishonest. You'll face your karma.

  79. is not being holy or not. is juz whether you think you are doing right as for wont feel bad cause you don't bother as it isn't your lost
    i ever received a parcel of cloths wrongly delivered to me but i called up the sender and they did bank in d delivery charges.
    even the cloths are nice..but i know deep in myself i shouldn't keep them.
    what if you are d buyer and you hope badly to received it..think about it.


    really shame on u.

  80. Author, you are contradicting yourself. You said you were too lazy to head over to the post office then why ignored seller when she demanded you to pay her back? Karma will get you back. Seriously, the next thing you know, you won't be able to fit into any tops or dresses you have your eyes on both online and offline.

  81. I *just* had a similar experience actually - a seller accidentally sent out another piece of clothes with the rest of my order.

    I'm going to pay for the extra clothes since I like them :) Otherwise, I would've returned them. I wouldn't feel right wearing/keeping them otherwise.

    Don't know exactly why you decided on posting this, unless it's a made up story designed to make this place more exciting after the few "down days" this site has had ;)

  82. how expensive is lindt's chocolate? super cheap!

  83. you're such a cheapo bitch..... dont u have brains!! u don't even feel guilty even after so many people are against you.

  84. Let's just put it this way, Author loves the attention and therefore, good or bad remarks is still attention nonetheless.

    Such is the nature of attention seeker life.

    One I'm glad many who responds aren't like that.

    So this comment is to celebrate those who knows better. Well done peeps!

  85. the author's replies are so funny la..i guess she knows that she's wrong deep down, she's prob trying to attract hits here by being a b!tch and all but in actual she might have emailed the owner to tell her that she'll be refunding the money of the can see from above reply the owner didn't want the refund, not sure if it's true, but ah well, readers, sellers, buyers, authors, whoever, don't get so work up with just a story posted here. Smile:)!

  86. to anon: April 7, 2010 11:03 PM and all of u

    im sure u all have done sumtin bad too so move on already

  87. To
    Anon @ April 8, 2010 9:32 PM

    I admit that i am no saint. we all make mistakes, i agree. But when i make a mistake, i try to make up for it.

    I dont go around gloating proudly about what i did. Also, when i make a mistake, i APOLOGIZE immediately instead of making excuses and jusifying what i did as "i'm just very immature" or "i'm too lazy"

    You are simply just trying to brush off a mistake by saying that "im sure u all have done sumtin bad too so move on already"

    So what's next? murder someone and say "i'm not the only murderer out there so move on already"

    and u know what, criminals usually start off make small mistakes (like this incident), and brushing it off. In the end, they lose sight of what's wrong and what's right. They wont feel sorry unless they're punished for it or until they get what they deserve.

    proof me wrong so there.


    ps. i know i've gone overboard with the analogy. but i'm just too pissed at those who are justifying the author's behavior.

  88. blogshop owner who accidentally sent the chocs to the author, who's the author? do reveal for all to see :)

    and which post is it where the seller got the buyer's bf through COD?? can someone e-mail me the link too? Thanks!!

    and bleh to you, author.

  89. First of all, if I were in buyer's shoes I would've mailed the chocolate.

    BUT I gave it a thought, and I kinda understood her actions. Even if seller compensate the postage, that would mean buyer have to actually go to the post office and have the hassle of sending the postage.

    As for banking in the money, the chocolate is not exactly something that she wants per se. It's like being forced to buy wouldn't it? Yes, she'll eat it... but it's not something she wants in the first place get it?

    I would be reluctant to pay. :/ If this were to happen to me when I'm super busy and no time to go to the post office.. I'll be cursing the SELLER!!

  90. Dear Buyer, do you get food poisoning after finished all the chocolates? HAHAHA ;p

  91. OMG. My oh my writer. U in the first place told us reader that u deserved to be slapped. AND i dont think u should lie to her at first place. Yes yes, not all the people on planet being honest BUT babe, ur eating ur own lie. DOnt u feel guilty? At least,tell her the truth. I think u just want to gain some attention like " OMG i feel sorry for u,slap buyer " BUT oh no no. Kesian la u babe. Too bad, ur being 'bad' at the first place, so let us talk bad bout u,BABY.

  92. yes the seller is careless, but that doesn't mean you can steal from her something that doesn't belongs to you.

    you can just ask her to compensate you the postage and maybe a bit extra for the trouble to send back the chocolates, but not stealing, dear! you're definitely greedy and sounds uneducated.

  93. i am 100% in agreement with Anonymous APRIL 8, 2010 10:24 PM.

  94. What were you thinking!!!



  95. This author is just making up stories. Duh!

  96. hopeless. garbage of the society.

  97. Wow the author must be a kid....or a kiddult

    I once did received an item with a lil extra something in it, though many blogshops nowadays do offer some free stuffs to their customer but this free "thing" that I got was quite expensive and so I texted her straight away and ask about the thing I got. and she replied saying sorry because that thing was meant for her friend who's leaving country soon.She banked in the postage money and I posted it straight to her friend in which at first she said I didnt have to but I insist, Im human too with feelings plus postage's not cheap.

    you see that's the most rational thing to do, I can't believe that you actually had no guilt in you and at the same time trying to convince people here that "come on dont try and act all holly...nobody can resist temptation" I think the right thing to say right now is "come one dont act like a dumb blonde not everybody is as stupid as you" Because honestly those words are quite offensive that you actually have the guts to downgrade everybody else as the same level of stupidity as you. Your attitude in this post really clouds your whole character.Kharma's on its way for sure.

  98. "Oh and about the refund, you do-gooders can eat your words, she doesn't want it. Too heartbroken over her girlfriends departure to even worry about a box of chocs"

    You are contradicting yourself. Didnt you wrote that she demanded for a refund and you ignored her?

    Btw, you're so annoying.

  99. OMG never in my life i've seen such a mentally retarded human being!! U said you deserved to be slapped, i say u deserved to be canned! Hope karma bites your sorry ass!

  100. Both seller & buyer are at fault. But buyer is at a heavier fault.
    Seller: Should have been more careful.
    Buyer: Should have ask to bear postage cost & send it back.

    Conclusion: This is one shameful Asian's ethic that can never be shake off till today. That's why we are always less-civilized compared to the developed countries.. Sad to say, but its the truth. :-]

  101. OMG, it's for a girlfriend (which usually a.k.a best friends). The special chocos are for her 'sister'. You ATE them without no guilty feeling at all?? I pity your family, for having a girl like you feeding them stolen chocolates. Gosh. Seriously, i don't really know what to say exactly, yet i feel like cursing you a thousand curses. Oooww Emmmmmm Geeee.

  102. I wonder if she would get zits + constipation due to the greediness. It's just a box of chocolate and you should have request if the blogshop owner would pay you for the postage which I believed she will.

    Oh god suck people like this still dare to post a rant about how happy she is??
    Wonder if she understand what does *embarrassing* means

  103. Buyer, do you ever wonder that I desperately want to slap you NOW in real-life! Not here!!! You are just "Oh c'mon, any of you would've done the same". There's no point we slap her here, nothing can change her unless the same thing HAPPEN to you or any of your dearest. I really hope so. DESPERATELY.

    Plus, today is Mother's Day, you MUST actually be given with the most un-LOVELY slap you ever had from your MOTHER. I hope your mom will receive the best "Mother's Day". Oh, don't give something you've done with your sins to your family. IT's DISGUSTING.