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Sweaty Mess

I was vending at a bazaar a month back, and this particular bazaar didn't have changing rooms. It was not air-conditioned, cause the bazaar was held out in the open, so it was pretty hot.

Both customers and sellers were fanning themselves like crazy. Everyone was sweaty and sticky.

So I looked across to my opposite to see another vendor attending to a customer.

The customer gestured that she wanted to try on the clothes, AND SHE DID.

The vendor was SOOO NICE to let her try it on, because SHE WAS CLEARLY SWEATING LIKE MAD MAN.

The poor vendor's clothing was like wjlfdjslfsadot, i don't know how to describe it.

Adding salt to wound, the lady was kinda big, and the top she tried on was extra tight. Can you imagine? Her sweat + dirty make up everything, brushed onto the top. She STRUGGLED to get into and out of the top.

And I dont think she even ended up buying it.

I know it's not my business, but whoa. If i were the vendor, I would strictly tell the sweaty customer to go away man.

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