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Oh NO, we dont honey!

I have this buyer who sent me an order form earlier. She kept mailing me and begged me to COD somewhere out of my COD hotspots. She claimed that she needed it very urgently before CNY because she wanted to wear it for CNY (it was 3 days before CNY).

Ok so i gave in and agreed. We were supposed to meet at 2pm but I reached at 1pm because i didn't wanna be late or stuck in the jam.

Sms-ed and reminded her at 1.30, she didn't reply. FINE.
Called and sms her at 2pm, she didn't pick up or reply. FINE.
Waited for another 15 mins, called her again. she turned her phone. OFF!

Oh well, no point waiting anymore. I left soon after that.

Guess what? She msged me at 4pm and said she's waiting for me! When I told her I was already home, she said I was supposed to wait for her even if she's late because she needed the shorts VERY URGENTLY.

EH HELLO!? You begged me to meet up and set the day & time but you ffk-ed, or more appropriate late for TWO HOURS! Now you say I'm SUPPOSED to wait no matter how late you are. What on earth! I never knew we, sellers have this kind of responsibility to bear until that day.

It's people like you who makes some of the blogshop owners stop providing COD services. You deserve no new clothes for CNY! GEEZ.


  1. BUYER : May the curse of 1 million fleas grow on your armpits! I hope whatever you wore during CNY rips to shreds! May all you yearn for be SOLD OUT!

  2. Oh darling... please email me the name of this person. I'm sure everyone wants to avoid her

  3. that buyer should be blacklisted by every seller!

  4. Inconsiderate baboon.

  5. don't even bother selling her that item..
    time is money babe! ask her to buy her shorts at the mall