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Empty bumps

I stalk blogrolls on review sites. Must be KIASU!

You know how that works right? New post on your blog and you get bumped up the list so people can see it.

This one particular seller post up EMPTY post everyday then deletes it just to get bumped up. How bloody unethical is that??


  1. Can't stand those who keep posting the same clothes as well. Like we don't know. I stop clicking that blogshop after some time. Knowing that they are just "playing" with the blogroll. Lol.

  2. Sometimes they say "NEW UPDATES" but when you click on that blogshop, its all the same thing as before. Nothing new at all. Its very annoying.

  3. Yup! They really think we dunno is it? Sometimes i feel like posting at their cbox/commenting on their blog to stop doing it. So annoying and unfair.

  4. i know who keep doing dat. haha

  5. Lol. I know too. You know who you are.

  6. i think its a business strategy maybe. coz sometimes people are lazy to click on older post so the old item being left out. maybe when they post it again, there's someone who might like it :)