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I'm growing old just waiting

I saw this maxi dress in a blogshop that seemed active. The dress was available. So I emailed to ask about the measurements of the dress. No reply. So I thought she must be busy. So I better reserve the item, just in case. So I sent another email asking to reserve. No reply. So I waited and waited and waited. Still no reply. So I emailed again, telling them that I was still waiting for their reply. No reply.

Weeks later, I received a reply saying that she's been busy and blablabla. She said that she will get back to me with the measurements. At that time, I was so happy.I was thinking what a long wait for a dress, but finally!

But weeks passed by and months... AND THERE WAS NO REPLY ABOUT MEASUREMENTS!

WTH? If you're busy and is unable to attend to your customers anymore, WRITE A POST about it! Announce about your inactivity. At least your customers don't wait for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG for your reply, and only to realise that there is no hope or chance to buy your products! GRR..


  1. She probably didnt wanna sell it. Happened to me once, i asked for measurements and seller replied she was busy. Mailed her again she said the same thing. Then weeks later i mailed her again although i sorta know i wont get the measurements, she said she decided not to sell it and keep it to herself.

  2. Nope, I just checked the blog again. Every AVAILABLE item that I saw a month ago, was still available today.

  3. For me no reply i wont buy from the shop will look for other shop by keeping wait the owner reply

  4. I looked around and the blogshop was the only one selling the dress. Haiih.

  5. Is it possible that they dont update the blog? Sure wish i know which blog this is. I wonder if its the same?

  6. this kind of blog no update look like dont want do business want closing already...

  7. I think you enquired the seller who had just posted "I am clearly puking blood"!! So unlucky you met this kind of seller! Called her customers BLIND!! If you miss her post, please read. Then you will know why you don't get any reply from the seller next time!! Sigh...

  8. OMG! the seller replied me FINALLY! Hahaha
    Gave me discount for late reply too :D