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Featured... So What?

The one thing i hate about visiting certain blogshops is when i turn into their blog, I see 3-10 post about them being featured by diary addictions, ashopaholicsden, fashionista 1001, mybasicfashion folder and the list goes on!

Hello! I'm here to view your products! NOT to see Who featured You!
SO WHAT if they feature you?! Are you winning an Award or Oscars?!

Waste of my time!


  1. I dont think you understand why that is being done. Its a tit for tat. You feature me, I feature you. You get readers for me, I get readers for you. You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back.

    Cant be a single track business with no benefits right?

  2. I agree with boomz. Besides it is to show gratitude too!

  3. I agree with both boomz and anonymous too.

    Hmm... or sellers could post about them being featured on the side bars? Like some blogshops did.

  4. i have to say i agree with the buyer.
    you thought theres some new stuff so you click on their link but turns out another feature !

    its okay if its only 1 or 2 feature but not till 5 or 6 times la.

  5. i think sellers should just post it in the sidebar :)

  6. actually the blogshop owner can just put a note like "Reviewed by A Shopaholic's Den.Thank's dear!" below the item every post.I think thats more neat.(just make sure the link is there la)
    beside you already put their like at your side bar..

  7. lol,whoever who sent this in is a prick.gv the seller a break la,ppl oso have to thank other reviewers rite? litte bit oso complain.GAWD.sad.
    its just a form of common courtesy!

  8. I agree with original poster. I honestly don't care that you've been "reviewed" by these sites who review 500 other blogshops anyway

  9. i dont care if u got reviewed o not either.

    but if d seller 1 2 show gratitude, plis do it minimal. its annoying to see when d seller put up to 3-4 posts to thank each reviewers separately.

  10. I've no problem with it, but i also think it'd be nicer if the blogshop can feature it at the side bars with a new-tab-pop-up link to the reviewer site.