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Pinochio BF

Buyer/another blog owner: hey babe I want the Cardi in Green, Brown,White and Yellow, I've bank in alr! (SMS)

ME: Okie, will check on it (maybe she saved up my banking detail through the last transaction) (SMS)*Checked, no payment received, then sms her, no reply)

**Next day**
(blog tagboard)

ME: Hey, your sms stated Green, Brown , White and Yellow?Still no sign of ur payment though, mailed ya!
(Blog tagboard)

**No response**

ME: Hey babe, can I have your ref no for the said payment? I'm still holding the cardi's for you! (SMS)

Buyer: Wait busy
**Few hours later**
Buyer: I dunno the ref no, my bf make the payment, will give to u tonight!

**Next Day**

ME: Got the ref no alr babe?

Buyer: OMG so bf lied to me, he forgot to make payment! I'll bank in later!

** a week later, despite so many e-mails/sms send, she totally ignored me!**

Damn, of all person a blog seller to pull out such trick, I hope Karma will slap your Sorry ass!

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  1. Eh maybe your bf didnt like it but instead of telling you to not buy it, he just lied about paying for it.. hahaha!!