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Its a blogshop, not Myspace

Sellers, pretty please make your blogshop lighter. Remove that crappy song playlist, and you know you're putting up bunch of images, don't la make your images damn big for thumbnails. If we're interested, we'll surely enlarge it. And seriously, my scroll bar on right hand side can be as thin as a dental floss, at least limit your posts per page la. Be as minimal as possible, and yes I mean take out that wallpaper. Go replace it with grey color or something, it's easier on the eye. Some of your shops are now even heavier than youtube for god's sake; took too long to open n that's just pissing off.

Yeah go ahead, slap me or slap you, you know it's for your own good.


  1. i personally think '.com' load much much longer than 'blogspot'. but i also happen to stumble upon some 'blogspot' shop that 'show up all post' which it really2 consume time cos d site need to load d whole bunch of pics in 1 go. normally i click 'x' s i x hav d time 2 sit n spend my time WAITING.

  2. just to add, i just hate hate hate shopping blogs with sprinklers or snow etc raining on the screen. too damn annoying.

  3. Gosh... i hate those blogshops with big ass pictures & loud music! It'll make me wanna close the page as fast as I can. Why can't blogshop layouts be as simple as possible? =__=!!

  4. normally some blogshops picture takes hours to load cause they upload using photobucket, flickers these kind.. they should just upload using blogger... must faster to their blog to load.. they think we have all day just to view their blogshop. =.=

  5. AGREE! n to all blogshop owners out there!!! plssss limit your posts per page!! my finger hurts by just scrolling! i would prefer to click "older posts" than to scroll down n down wondering where's the end. ><

  6. And it's hard to find the item that you look pass previously. You need to scroll all the way up again!

  7. The background music is so annoying especially the one where you can't pause it.
    And i hate a blogshop-logo with the owner face on it and some moving bling2 with it. Like wth?
    I'm a blogshop owner and i don't make my shop logo using my face. Euw.

  8. I've been a buyer since last 2 years (after uni n started working n earn my own money)

    to me wallpaper is necessary. but not those heavier ones. but yeah, i hate those blink2, those music player.

    As for post per page, personally, i dont like to click "older posts". i wud rather let the page load one off, and i can see all the stuff in 1 page. i really dont mind scrolling, but i hate to wait for each page to load when clicking older posts or have to go back to newer posts..

    well, personal preference.

  9. totally agree with too much posts on the first page, sometimes I just give up on viewing them.

    and one more thing, please tag your items lah, like dresses, tops, available, sold out, sales, etc etc. Make me headache to find for something I need, pfft.

  10. theres a thing called new tab if you're too lazy to click on older post and wait for it to load again.
    i dont mind to scroll oso but these people la, they dont know how to make it not heavy to load. even if its one post, but you see some images not loaded yet then wth right?

  11. totally agree on self played background music! i love to surf blogs during the wee hours in the morning (because of the total silence n serenity) imagined the shock i received when suddenly i opened one blog n this annoying song came on!! n not to mentioned my volume is on full! haha...i almost got a heart attack! o_O