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Skirt at 5am with change please

Buyer: Hey, can I order the white skirt?
Me : Hey :) Which one are you refering to?
Buyer : the one in white.
Me : Hey yes, but which one are you refering to?
Buyer : Ohhh..the XXX
Me : Oh yes yes still available :) Meet you on Friday at five?
Buyer : okay please be sure you\'re on time as i have class.


Buyer: Did you mean 5 in the morning or 5 in the evening?
Me : (thinking:huh?morning? o.O )
Uhm.. sorry i meant in the evening.Btw do you need change for the skirt?
Buyer : What kind of change are you bringing?


  1. Hey, that's it? I wanna know the ending! =)

  2. i dont understand, what do u mean change?

  3. "Change" here means balance.
    For example, if a dress is RM 18 and you pay for RM 20, then the change would be RM 2.

  4. All i can say is if someone here doesnt understand the change thing then the buyer isn't that blur lah. Maybe seller should ask how would she be paying so that she can provide the right change then it'll be clearer. But the morning and evening is really stupid.

  5. Weird, as a seller, for sure you've to give back the 'change' right?
    I think the buyer is blur as well. LOL..

  6. I think she was asking if she was going to need change like change for Rm 100 when the skirt is RM 60 or if she was going to give the exact change as in RM 60. But she didnt elaborate it thinking the customer understood it lah ;P ...but this is funny

  7. common thing if the buyer is blur about the word 'change'..but AM & PM...that's HILLARIOUS! :D:D

  8. JUS BRING ENUF CASH LAH seller!! im pretttyyy sure thr's at least 80% of the ppl who doesnt understand what ure toking bout! BIG ASS LOL

  9. both buyer and seller need slaps.

    buyer - 5am? you just got back from clubbing or what.

    seller - what change? just bring your money lah. at least you can buy ice cream while waiting for the buyer lol.

  10. no la...i think the seller means 'change' as in, "do u still want the white skirt, since we already changed our AM/PM time to meet up whatever.."

    but still, i think the seller also should emphasize in the 1 st place. when u say 5, say la 5 m or specific so that buyer oso don ask too many Qs...

    not for the am pm issue only, anything oso, when u do business, u need to be very2 black n white n specific..huhu..juz my 2 cents...