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Muah Ha Ha Ha!!

"got discount ah?"
Sellers hate this sentence.
Especially when it's stated on our sites not to ask for discounts and prices aren't nego.

We don't particularly like it when a customer keeps pushing for cods in places too far from where we normally do it and refuse to opt for postage.
(asking is fine,but pushing and pushing,well it crosses the line sometimes especially since our cods are free no matter where we meet)

Sometimes we close an eye,plaster on that smile even through our annoyance and we give the buyer free postage/a little discount/we meet them up at the places they want

Sometimes when the buyer is too pushy,too demanding,too unreasonable,

We secretly delete their messages and pretend they never came about.We have better things to do with our lives.

Yes I deserve a slap for sending this in
*plasters on smile*


  1. When will all these monkeys learn that blogshop prices are already super low as it is? Some more wanna ask for lower.

    How bout if I tell you this :

    1U selling the same dress at RM99 but I sell you RM49. RM50 discount already =) CAN??

  2. Full Time Seller,

    Actually blogshops aren't selling super low. Times Square shops (exact colour,material or the same designs) do sell lower and also pasar malam too. Blogshopping nowadays do not come as cheap as how it used to be.

    But blogshoppings still have its appeal becoz it delivers convenience to ppl without having to step out from their comfort zones.

  3. But you dont see them asking for discounts from Times Square right?

    Why do we get that discount curse?

  4. Dont compare with Times Square, OU and "proper shops". When buying at bazaar, night markets people tend to ask for discount right? So u're the only one getting the curse.

  5. Full Time Seller,

    Yes, most people don't ask for discount there because it's already low enough. When someone is asking for a discount it means that it's not as low as how you claim for it to be (EXCEPTIONS for those coconut heads who still wants discount on top of markdown/freepostage/whatever 'treats' that have been thrown in by the seller).

    Also, I believe it's in a buyer's nature to ask for discounts (unless you tell me you have not asked for a discount in the whole of your life).

    All these come in the nature of buying and selling. Try to come to terms with it. Consumers might not always be right but they are certainly the ones that are giving you, the profits that you are earning. Just like how you would try to please your boss(if you have one).

  6. Because at Times Square, the seller has to pay for rent so it's understandable.

    But blogshop, what rent is there to pay??? So why hike up the price so much?

  7. If you thing Times Square sell cheaper..go there lorh...Nobody force you to buy...

    Another consumer:Some blogshop may not pay any you have to think about the time and transportation to the wholesale place.. petrol.. toll ect..
    But some seller do pay for registration even the design for the web.To make you trust us that we not playing shit about this business..And not all seller take their stuff from local supplier.
    Bare that in mind kay..
    Even at bazaar seller have to spend more..Booth card..rack.. and all other things..not like we got sponsor from coke or Mcd..But yet you all tekan price like we don't have anything to pay..and compare our price to another vendors.If you think they sell cheaper go ahead..Even worst you're saying like our stuff not up to your taste but still demand for llllloooooowwwww got the right to be wise!! You just got no right to ask why our price is sky high!!

  8. Hustler Vendor,

    Yes, we do have the right to ask why your price is sky high(and perhaps you have indirectly admitted with this sentence of yours that your price is sky high ;p).

    Majority of the blogshops here as said by the name BLOG and do not pay any rents. Unless a seller is taking her clothing pieces ONE BY ONE, I certainly do not find a reason why one should charge sky high PER PIECE instead of spreading out the cost.

    Those that you have said out, yes, they do cost. But how much do they cost? Expensive enough to justify the skyhigh prices? Of course, we do not have the right to ask why the price is sky high.

    BEAR IN MIND that you too do not have the right to ask buyers to stop asking for discounts. Tolerance is the key. Both sides need to take a step back and be contented with what's being offered.

    If only is forcefully asking for discounts and at the same time trashing your stuffs, you have got the right and choice to NOT sell. It's as simple as sellers asking buyers to NOT bother about the selling price.

  9. There was this buyer who wanted to buy an item from me and she asked for rm40 discount and free postage :O I did give her rm20 discount WITH free postage but she was still stubborn.

  10. Haiya, most buyers tend to ask for discounts lah. If u cant stand it then dont be a seller. U go anywhere oso people will still try to get discounts what. Handphone, food, clothes. Its people's nature to try to get the best deal.

    What sellers gotta do is handle it in a polite but stern way. I'm sure most buyers would understand. But if those thick heads keep insisting on discounts, then they have a problem and u as a seller may do as u please, i guess.

  11. Seriously, I am a seller & know that most of the blogshops do not earn as much as people perceive. Since we do not buy in bulk (only few pieces in each design), the wholesalers tend to charge higher price compare to what is charged to retail shops. Or retail shops take their stock directly from factories or oversea wholesalers which reduce the "middleman" cost incurred. I am not saying that asking for discount is wrong but be reasonable. I have met some customers who are really pushy & determine to get the discount they expect. In the end, after all the discount, the profit is not even enough to get a McD meal.... seriously.

  12. I agree with Hustler Vendor. And being a blogshop owner is not as easy as you thought. They spent loads of their time and effort to get the goodies. Like those in Pasar Malam or Times Square...etc. They get each items in like freaking huge bundles. Well at least 10 dozen for each colour. So imagine that, definitely they get much lower wholesale prices as compared to the prices blogshop owner gets because they have budgets. Besides that, some wholesalers in KL even open their retail stores in places like Sungei Wang and Times Square, therefore DUHHHH. IT'S THE SAME ITEM AT LOWER PRICES! Don't buy from blogshops if you prefer to shop at those ridiculous annoying packed humid rojak places. I would rather sacrifice a few bucks than going to those places to hunt for clothes, seriously.

  13. Hey girls, lets not start a war okay?

    But when it comes to it,we all have different views.

    For buyers, just to understand what sellers do

    1. we do take quite alot of risk bringing in stock which might or might not sell.

    2. we take pictures and we do take time posting,editting,taking pics,travel to spots to take these pics. changing-rechanging to provide you with great pics.which most likely takes 2-3 days for most sellers.

    3. we travel to the place,hunt for parking,walk around to look for the best things to bring you.

    4. we not only sell things, but we supply to you a service. where you can stay at home browse through what you like.pack/ship it to you/meet you up for cods/meet you up for exchanges

    5. we receive complaints sometimes that are totally irrelevant.get spammed with emails. etc etc.

    on top of doing all of that,
    we get the occasional pushy customers.
    we get attacked for nothing.
    a person receives their parcels day late and we get accused of cheating the persons money and get threats to report it to the police.

    For buyers.
    1. they want the best deals fullstop.i'm a buyer myself of course.

    When it comes right down to it,
    well i've not much ot say except that there are more than ONE blogstore out there, and if you see you're favourite well stick to it. :)

    If you see one thats crazy expensive and totally unreasonable then forget about it.

    If you really like the piece just get it based on what you think it's worth.

    No point complaining about it.Im sure if you go to boutiques in bangsar some places sell their items cheaper than others.So what do you do? you go to the cheaper one and get said item. I'm sure you wouldn't do to the more expensive one and ask for a discount.

    true that they pay for rent/bills/etc. But thats why shopping online is so much cheaper plus, theres someone there to try on the outfits,go through the trouble,look for a carpark,pay for the parking for you.

    therefore, its not only the price of our stock.its the convenience we provide for you. :)

  14. im both seller and buyer. I do ask for discounts and same thing goes around for my buyer. Normally when that happens, i give free postage; depends on value.
    Same goes to the seller, when im interested with their items, i'll ask 4 discounts. i appreciate even if the seller deduct <RM5. After marking up to 100% profit, it wont cost u much if you just simply offer 10-15% discounts.
    (afterall u dont pay rent, you only spend few litres of fuel,u dont pay for workers, your domain doesnt cost much (in fact after selling 3-4 clothes with 100% markup, u can pay the domain for a year), design for web cost +- rm100 and you pay ONCE only & not everyday, etc).

    Do your math. Would it choke you to give a lil bit discounts dear seller?

  15. And don't forget, the buyers PAY for their own convenience. They pay for the postage, don't they?

    What makes a seller to start a blogshop? Because of the profit motive isn't it? It's not something surprising that the seller selling at high prices. But come on, don't be so greedy. I'm a seller and a buyer myself, I don't earn much too. Probably only Rm 5 and max Rm 7 only. You might not be able to buy yourself a McD, but if the customers like your blogshop and buy from you very often, you can afford a McD(for example) after selling 2-3 pieces.

    Besides, you don't pay for workers and stuff. Petrol? You don't buy 2 or 3 pieces at a go right? I despise selling who earn more than Rm 10 a PER item. So greedy.

  16. *sellers......*PER

  17. I just ignore those who ask for discounts... simple. These people waste my time.

  18. Damn. U people are ridiculous. Get a life. Its a business world. Don't like the item? Don't like the price? Bugger off. As simple as that. And those blogshops who earn just below RM10 are just ridiculously stupid. SERIOUSLY, very dumb. Think of the others. U're making the economy going all the way down. MAKE SOME SENSE PLEASE.

  19. to anonymous who said those buyers waste your time:

    u obviously shouldnt be a seller if u cant tolerate people asking for discounts. just tell them no nicely lah instead of ignoring. who knows they're just trying their luck and actually dont mind purchasing at the originnal price.
    come on lah, dont tell me u never ask for discounts in your life. not only saying for online shopping, i'm also talking bout buying laptop and phones etc. its human nature lah.

  20. I am a seller and a buyer myself. Personally, I think it's certainly unfair to go by the theory that'oh blogshop owners don't need to pay rent/workers/electricity bill etc (you get my drift)excuse but, very often, they don't bring in as many clothings for the same design from the wholesalers and thus, it's logical to assume their so-called wholesale prices are definitely higher than those who own proper retail shops (eg bangsar) and those in sg wang and times square. now, asking for discounts in terms of a buyer point of view is not wrong of course. who wouldn't prefer lower prices right? however, to hassle and command unreasonable prices from say RM50 to downright RM25 for instance is definitely overboard. and for the comment which stated 'You don't buy 2 or 3 pieces at a go right? I despise selling who earn more than Rm 10 a PER item. So greedy.'blogshop owners have to buy a certain amount to enable em to obtain lower prices than the retail one piece. and personally, my question to you is that, if you run a blogshop, and you don't earn more than RM10 per piece, then why on earth are you running a blogshop? that's total rubbish.and please don't go by oh it's good enough to buy myself coke from mc d. suit yourself. if that's how you decide to run your blogshop, by all means go ahead. but don't judge how others run theirs. now, please be reasonable and make on9 shopping a joy like previous times. tqvm.

  21. i think its quite understandable when sellers that get their stuff overseas hike up their price because their cost is much higher but nowadays you see all the blogshops with similar prices.

    how can a blogshop that take their stuff locally have the same price with the blogshop that travel overseas?


  22. Ladies & Girls..
    here we learnt that there's so many type of buyer and seller here..
    1-unreasonable buyer..
    2-wise & enjoy buyer
    3-"I'm doing this for fun" seller..
    4-"This is my full time job" seller!!

    to whom who wrote this:
    Anonymous said...
    And don't forget, the buyers PAY for their own convenience. They pay for the postage, don't they?
    What makes a seller to start a blogshop? Because of the profit motive isn't it? It's not something surprising that the seller selling at high prices. But come on, don't be so greedy. I'm a seller and a buyer myself, I don't earn much too. Probably only Rm 5 and max Rm 7 only. You might not be able to buy yourself a McD, but if the customers like your blogshop and buy from you very often, you can afford a McD(for example) after selling 2-3 pieces.

    I SAID..either you some DATUK'S daughter or you doing this for fun..RM21(if total clean profit is RM7) not even enough to pay streamyx!!Why waste you time doing this thing la!!How many peices you manage to sell 1 collection.??Or may be you bf support your living..lain cerita la..
    We know what we're doing that's why we ARE doing it..
    never ever keep in your mind just because you're always right!!You still human!
    If you think other place is cheaper go ahead..there's other people enjoy shopping with us..even if we throw 5% off they happy enough with it!
    some buyer that pissed us off the kind that RM25 tops still one cheaper..??don't be ridiculus kay..and to whom that said web desing +- RM100..fuck you!! web design price range from RM400-RM999.Domain range from RM50-to RM100!!keep that in your empty head!if it's that cheap people won't bother to us blogger.they will use .com instead.more profesional!
    and it's not about being greedy..It just business..If we pissed you off really bad..Why are you still here!!
    Slap your face million times..!!This is me & my friends periuk nasi don't put shit in it!!

  23. Yes, Hustler Vendor is right. That's the price range of the domain & webdesign. Do google it before placing your two cents opinion.

    I'm a part-time seller, full-time programmer & a full-time buyer. I love to be treated nicely when communicating in email. I love getting USEFUL information in replies from sellers.
    I guess, this is how every buyers wished to be treated. So, when any of my buyers ask for discount, please do not be harsh to them / ask them to bug off.
    It's 21st century, buyers/sellers are not dumb. They will understand if you give full/polite explanation to them.

    I believe one of the reasons we all love online-shopping is because we do not have to see the black-faces of salesgirls/shop owners, right?
    =) Make online-shopping a great experience. Have a great day, everyone!

  24. Let's face it...

    The blogshop scene is now overrun by school kids who still live off their parent's monthly allowance. For crying out loud, they're using a McD's meal as their profit margin.

    I am a full time seller. Been doing this for the last 3 years.

    I may not have shop rent to pay but

    1. I do have a house to pay for
    2. I dont live off my parents. I now pay for their comfort. I give them money to spend monthly, I buy food, I make sure they have a car to use.

    This is what business is all about. Making a profit good enough to sustain a life. Not buy McD's Happy Meal.

    I recently spent RM2000++ to change my blog to a .com with a shopping cart system. That stupid college kid who thinks its RM100+, FUCK YOU. If I sell my clothes for a profit of RM7 a piece, I'd have to sell up to 300pcs before I can even tell my parents that the bank wont come and take back the house.

    I DO NOT GET A MONTHLY ALLOWANCE FROM DADDY, BITCH!! So fuck off all you college imbecile who think RM7 profit for a McD is sufficient for your life. GROW UP before you get scared shitless in the REAL WORLD after graduation. Daddy will retire one day and your McD wont be able to keep him alive.

    You think your daddy sells projects for RM7 profit to put you thru school with your Gucci sunglasses? Think again.

  25. I agreee with hustle vendor. Period.

  26. > GROW UP

    then don't make a .com site lah if it troubles you! RM2k is a lot, you can buy so many stocks already! .blogspot is FOC and much more convenient for us buyers cuz we're used to blogspots. email, order, pay, get! if you make a website with shopping carts and all, sometimes you have to deal with technical problems, need to fix some more, waste your money only! and some 'technology blind' people won't buy from you cuz they don't know how to use the site. even if they did, instead they'll mail you asking how they need to order? and you get pissed, but ask them to sign up, add to shopping cart, and shits. you can see how much it troubles people right?

    but as for me, i don't mind tho' if blogspot or .com website :D

    as a seller i go for blogspot, because its FREE and much more CONVENIENT! easy for the customers to view. RM2k i can spend on stocks for months okay? lol.

  27. Hahahahaha!!

    CRUMBS, its so obvious you're one of those college brats who owns a blogshop stocking up with daddy's money.

    GROW UP's point isnt the .com being troublesome, its those damn teenagers who run blogshops and selling clothes for a big mac.

    .com's are professional. Its not something you children can understand.

    I'm with GROW UP!! =)


  28. Let's not judge a book by its cover. No one deserves to be screwed here, or at least, you do not have the right to screw someone. We all have different lifestyles, backgrounds and etc. What's true is that we can't survive without each other. I mean, the sellers make profits from the buyers, and when the sellers spend their money, they become those buyers too. If you get what I mean. So no point shooting each other here. No sellers = No buyers and vice versa.

    Let's just get back to work babes.

  29. omg, can u guys please not swear? i get it that u're all pissed at these people, but seriously, lets keep it cool. i dont like people asking for discounts too but just maybe the people asking for discounts are the same as u? they dont get allowance too and just trying their luck if u'd throw a 5% off or something. some are grateful even if u just offer free postage. if u know how hard it is for u, it might be the same for others too.

    i see the points ponited out about those "kids selling things for a big mac" and i can understand how angry u are, but if u're a professional as u say, then i'm sure u can handle this as a professional and not curse around ya?

  30. There's NO NEED to be using all those harsh words while claiming to be talking the truth and being logical.

    I WONDER WHAT KINDA PROFESSIONALS(be it buyer OR seller) would some of you here be throwing around vulgarities. You have your frustrations but this doesn't give you the right to degrade people with vulgarities(once again, it applies to everyone).

    IF sellers do not like the buyer asking for discounts, either you tell them off nicely or don't sell to them at all.

    IF buyers do not like sellers not giving discounts, take it or leave it. Less clothes won't make your life miserable.

    More professional or not(with your dot com and domains), buyers want what's best for their money(with quality of clothes being factored in) and sellers wanna make every single work worth it.

    Be tolerant to each other. Going around calling names, swearing at people wouldn't make anyone look better or more 'professional' as they claimed themselves to be.

  31. I'm with grown up too...
    It's troublesome some times..for us seller!!
    if you an IT cart is much2 better than blogshop.
    1-It look profesional and and it's a good impression for first timer or full timer online's even better impression for all the magazine's editor!!
    2-Even 7 years old boy can easily using cart!!It's embarassing if you said it's troublesome.And are ONLINE buyer/seller.

    2k is Alot..but like i said..we got to do what we got to do!!And that's what we do best!!
    so shut your mouth and finish your study..just use you daily allowance to buy mcd.

    we can be really flexiable and understanding because we know how much is the cost and the profit..we are not planning to buy ferari with the profit..we just want to make a living.

    so to whoever think that RM7 profit it's good other buyer..consumer..another consumer..bla bla bla..and who ever got no brain and also to all the spoil brat and bimbo out there that don't know how to do business..just go and fuck around..don't be all really annoying..if you are college/school girl..just finish your study...

    If you feel ouch!/angry..slap your own face!!

  32. the end.., the seller will b forced to do SALES when no buyer wanna grab dat overprice clothes.

    i rather give some discount as long the clothes SOLD than forced to put up SALES and keep hold the remaining stocks.

  33. Haiyor...why cursing here and there again? Can see you didn't finish your study. Did you?
    Just a kind reminder to those who are studying now, better finish your study and find a good job, don't end up depending something that can't-even-give-you-a-life job.

  34. I sell my stuff worldwide. Alot just around Asia : Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore & Malaysia. 70% are teenagers.

    And I have to say, Malaysians tops the list of being the biggest cheapskates ever. Seriously. 9 out of 10 buyers ask for discounts. Its a crying shame...

  35. u know what Hustler Vendor, i can relate to what ur saying but with ur curses, u're the one who is unprofessional now. not to mention annoying. take a breather will ya? just becos u're mad doesnt give u free pass to tell people to fuck around. if u're so professional as u say, ACT like it.

  36. Yup, kids.. Better finish studying, get a degree and get a good job.. Not a job where u have to compete with under aged kids and complain and curse at them.

  37. Professionalism is not about holding back the curses you know... hahahaha!

    Hustler Vendor, Grow Up, Grown Up and all the likes : "the kiddies are starting to act all mighty now"
    tsk tsk tsk... they dont last long la. kids.

  38. at least the "kids" are doing this for side income not as a proper job, like the "professionals". pity the "professionals" having to compete with "kids" for money. lol.

  39. Kids nowadays are really different eh? Not like how the "older generation" thinks the kids nowadays are STILL the same as how they used to be.

  40. Erhm... So Called Kids, why are you laughing at people who do this full time to feed a family? I think thats a little cold hearted of you.

    Maybe you dont know how it feels like to be pressured monthly if you can pay rent, if the kids have food to eat, if the car is paid for.
    Not everyone has the luxury of a rich background to support a Degree.

    A bit inconsiderate of you dear. Its really not all that funny to take away someone's hard work to feed a family.

    Imagine your parent's job being taken for away by the younger generation and they come home heartbroken cos people laugh at their misfortune. Quite tragic really.

  41. I don't see mockery in So Called Kids' comment.
    Anonymous, do you agree with this then, "Hustler Vendor, Grow Up, Grown Up and all the likes : "the kiddies are starting to act all mighty now"
    tsk tsk tsk... they dont last long la. kids."?

  42. 1st of all, those "professionals" said the kids wont last long and are doing this for mcd meals and such. Who cares whats the motivation, the main thing is everyone is trying to make a profit, be it for a tiny side income as an allowance for them to buy fast food or as regular income to pay rent etc.

    Not all kids who do this is anak datuk or the bf support their living as said by hustler vendor. So dont suddenly say the kids are acting high & mighty and such. Who knows they're even poorer than u, and their parents dont have a job and they're trying to earn a living. Either to support the whole family or for their own allowance so that they dont have to ask money from their parents.

    Who cares if u're a professional or just kids running an online shop? The sellers with the most reasonable price and things and those with nice attitude are the ones who'll be getting the most buyers. Not the dot com domains and fancy web designs.

  43. Let me share a true story with you guys here. All of you.

    I'm a seller. Doing this on the side while I study. Its getting really competitive but to me, its just on the side. You sell cheap, i sell cheaper.

    During a recent bazaar outing, I was placed next to a vendor I've never met before. She's probably in her 40's. She was with her 17 year old daughter. Halfway thru the day I thought I'd be a good neighbor and said hello. She gave me a very faint smile. Almost painful even.

    I went to her to ask what was wrong. Maybe she was sick... turns out sales was not very good. I chatted with her.

    She's a single mom with 3 teenage kids and they all live in Nilai. She drove all the way down to KL to do a bazaar. She was shocked to see the kind of prices some vendors slash to. Most are near cost price.

    She told me she cant afford to sell like that. Her 17 year old was going into college soon and she's afraid she cant pay for the fees.

    I feel really bad for her cos I was bloody slashing price like there was no tomorrow just to be competitive. I apologised to her. really... I havent seen her since then. I hope she's alright.

    You really wont know till you're face to face with the real deal. Gets you thinking of what our fun sidelines can be very frustrating to the ones who genuinely just want to put food on the table.

    Ok la not all cases are so kesian but I dont think it funny to make fun anyway. Karma...

  44. OK PEOPLE!!!!




    **all comments after this will be deleted. enough la...

  45. SLAP EVERYONE! That's a long discussion! Not fun!