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Ready at all times?

I'm a seller as well but in this case i'm the buyer. I wanted to buy a pair of jeans from a blogshop and i told her that i really want it. She posted the item at about 2.00 pm, i emailed her around 2.30 pm and she replied around 3.00 pm telling me its still available and asked do i want to confirm.

I replied yes and i want her account number so that i can pay immediately but until 3.45 pm she didnt reply which is no problem since i know sellers are not glued to the computer. But i have class 4.00 pm -6.00 pm and i'm afraid if i dont reply her email she might sell it to someone else because there is only one pair.

So i emailed her again and told her i have class at 4.00 pm so i wont be able to reply her email until class finishes which is at 6.00 pm but she can contact me through my phone if there is anything.

When i got back i got an email from her saying she already sold it to someone else because i didnt reply her other email and that other girl can pay faster. I was pissed since i already told her i'll be in class and she should have texted me or something. She said she doesn't text buyers and "next time if u want to buy something be ready all the time".

What pisses me off is that she has bought from me and even asked me to reserve for 2 days and now when i want to buy something from her she can easily brush me off because i'm late for 2 hours. Even after i told her i really want it. How selfish is that?

Its not like i want special treatment just because she's bought from me but at least treat people equally. U can ask people to reserve for u for days how come u cant wait for just a few hours? And i gave my freaking number! She could have texted me for confirmation.

What a selfish seller.


  1. Do the same back to her. See how she feels about it. Heh.

  2. its not the seller's fault, obviously she would prefer someone who can confirm the order faster. n some sellers (including me personally as i'm a blogshop owner) dun like dealing with customers thru texts. n texting can be a hassle i rather conduct the transactions via mail.
    n most blogshops work on a first pay first serve basis, so maybe noone else wanted your item so u could reserve it for her for 2 days. please dun compare this.

  3. "next time if u want to buy something be ready all the time"
    ~ I'm a seller and I dont operate like that. A little unfair to the buyer dont you think?

    "first pay first serve basis"
    ~ This is an online business, its should be '1st come 1st serve'. Only physical shops or bazaars can operate on '1st pay 1st serve' Dont make up your own rules just becos you're one greedy SOB.

  4. I'm the author here. Ok, if her terms state that the item will be given to who pays first then i cant argue much but it states items will be given and reserved to those who ask first. And items can be reserved for 2 days max.

    To anonymous who said "its not the seller's fault, obviously she would prefer someone who can confirm the order faster."

    I think i told her i want it like 3 times already and have asked for account number doesn't that show that its confirmed i really want it? What else is there to confirm? And the item i reserved for her has two other people waiting in line and yet i still reserve it for her.

    I dont like dealing thru text too and i dont put my hp number on my blog but i clearly told her to text me if there is anything since i would be in class. If u havent noticed, everything is done through email except that between 4.00 to 6.00 i'll be in class and cant access my email so thats why i gave her my number, should she want to reach me.

    I forgot to mention this, she replied my email at 5.30 pm to give the account number then at 5.50 pm she gave the second email telling me its sold to someone else because i didnt reply her email. What? My time frame to reply is in 20 minutes?

    A little unfair right since she replied my first email at 3.00 pm and the email with her account number is given to me at 5.00 pm. So she gets 2 hours to reply but i have to reply in 20 minutes?

  5. wow 2nd anonymous, are u the seller?

  6. LOL at third anonymous, dont make up own rules because u're greedy. So true. But this seller is one greedy bitch. The least she could do to someone she's bought somthing from is at least treat them the same way.

    I'm sorry to say this, but ur good deed is wasted on some geedy and selfish seller. The stupidest thing is that u agreed to buy and already confirm to buy it yet she sells to someone else, and its not like u haven't reply in 2 days.

  7. i agree with the seller,i dont like to text people. and u want to buy it,try to be available all times if not things like this happen. sellers want fast deal u know. its almost all ur fault u didnt get to buy it.

  8. Also a seller : you used the word TRY to be available. Buyer told seller she'll be in class. That's more than TRY. Buyer has said she'll buy and that she'll be unavailable for a while. What else can she TRY? Sign in blood?

    Sellers like you people really give us REAL online sellers a bad name. Why dont you all just put a notice in your blog "WILL SELL TO WHOEVER WE LIKE, WHENEVER WE LIKE" cos THATS exactly how you idiots operate.

  9. I cant believe there are sellers like this. Its bad enough there is one seller like this but there are even more here that agree the seller is right?? Disgraceful!

  10. These type of sellers are probably so afraid they won't get any business if they don't clear off ASAP, lol possibly this is called 'desperation'

  11. I think the seller made a mistake. 100% her fault ;)

  12. LOL! C'mon. Buyer has already confirmed her order. Is it so effin' hard t just give her till 6pm to bank in the payment?? Are you sellers (who agreed on seller's action) that desperate for money?! what a shame! boo on you!

  13. agree on the last comment! ;D

  14. She obviously have no marketing skills at all. She should really go get some books to read on. Haven't she heard of relationship marketing. Comon, every corporate company is heading that direction. If she owns a blogshop and can't even achieve that, oh hell, she should close shop.