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Super Marked Up

I know its not my business to care about how preloved seller set their price. But what irks me most is that they try to cheat unknowing customers. One seller was selling a well known brand clutch with the tag still intact. The original price on the tag is RM130 but there was sticker on it, which means that it was 50% off. So the price she bought it would be RM65. But she sold it for RM100. And when someone in her cbox that she's cheating other buyers she cursed at her and told her to not be a busy body because someone is interested in it. Maybe i'm a busy body too but i told her that its ok to price it however u want but please dont lie/hide about it when someone finds out the truth, then she simply deleted the cbox.

I dont care how you want to price your preloved things whether brand new or used but please dont lie about it. Half of us can or may have seen the item u're selling at the real boutique and when we find out u lied about the price u bought it, dont it hurt ur reputation? Being known as a liar?

Another blog is selling t-shirts that she claim the original price is RM150 and above. One is from topshop, the plain one which cost less than RM100, she said the original price is RM180, and states that she is selling it at a super cheap price of RM90, what a bargain! Some may not know the real price but for those who knows, the seller will only be seen as some lying and dishonest person and obviously we wont want to buy from u.

I know preloved sellers want to make money too but i do hope not in this way.


  1. yikes, now I would think twice before buying from preloved shops :( if they mark up the price I might as well buy a brand new one from Topshop la.

  2. sobs. im a preloved seller.(AND an honest one) n im seeing lots n lots of posts up here complaining about them. :( Later my business jatuh. lol.

  3. No la sayang... I have faith in the majority of readers out there to know the good & the bad. Heck I'm the one reading all the psycho-ness but I still love pre-love =)

  4. anonymous 2, dont worry! we buyers know how to differentiate. i love preloved and i know a few good ones out there. some really give super bargain prices for branded things in good condition. but some are just plain greedy. so since u're an honest one, no worries for u. i'll buy from u if i know which one is ur blog :p