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It is no inspiration

"Chanel inspired"
"Gucci inspired"
"Christian Louboutin inspired"

Sellers, do you even know what "inspired" means? You don't call an exact replica of these off-the-runway stuff as that. It's not friggin' inspired, it's friggin FAKE.

Please stop saying it's inspired by these timeless masterpieces from legendary designers.

You don't even have to say it's "fake". Just give the bag a name and describe it properly.


  1. cool your balls. it's hardly an issue~

  2. It IS an issue!

    This is piracy! It's unauthorized copying!

    I would like to thank the original poster for highlighting this as it truly bugs me, too, that they put "inspired" when it's blatantly a fake (no different from those in Chow Kit).

  3. inspired means= design just like/similar to the lagendary designer item - the logo..

    is a NO BRAND can you called it fake!!??

    piracy/imitation/replica even a triple A standard = fake.

    Inspired is totally no..

    inspired..don't tell me you don't understand the meaning...

  4. exactly. how can u even call it fake when the BRAND iteself is not even stated? for example, the ohsofamous chanel inspired bag. its called chanel inspired FOR A REASON ;- because its exactly like the authentic chanel(of cuz,quality wise cant compare la) but other thn tht,its 95% similar. the shape,the chain, everything!

    unless of course, ur talking about something which does NOT even look like the real thing but u claim it as 'X INSPIRED'.. THOSE people shud be slapped!

  5. inspired is not fake.

  6. Like the author, it bugs me when blogshops call it 'inspired', but I think because the term is so overly used. Mind you, I have spotted a number of blogshops calling their stuff 'inspired' when the brand is clearly stated there (ergo FAKE). So, THAT is wrong.

    OK, so here's the solution, in my opinion. The author has a point. Just call it what you want. You don't need to say 'Channel inspired' or 'Givenchy inspired' - because it makes me people think of FAKE FAKE FAKE. Instead, give it a proper name. Because hack, TOPSHOP, Mango, Zara, Cotton On, and those mid-range shops themselves have things that are inspired by the upper crust of fashion too. Better yet, get your asses to Mango right now, and you'll see the Channel inspired bag there, albeit changed up obviously. And you don't see THEM calling their bags 'Channel inspired'.

    I find it more tasteful anyway. But its completely up to you sellers.

    FYI, Jasmine, those 'inspired' stuff at the blogshops, and the Channel rip off in Mango, are barely even 60% close to the real thing. I find it insulting to these great designers to be compared to things lesser than them.

    I'm sorry if it sounds rude, but it's not my intention. You can copy, but have some respect to real designers. Please, appreciate art. :)

  7. I think the above 2 comments misunderstood what the original poster is saying.

    "You don't call an exact replica of these off-the-runway stuff as that"

    Hustler Vendor and jasmine, how do you explain those fake imitation "Chanel" (etc.) bags with the "Chanel" (etc.) LOGO and all, yet calling it "inspired"? I have personally seen blogshops selling fake (confirm fake!) Coach/Chanel/Burberry/Hermes bags (with logo and all) and labelling them "inspired"

    Excuse me, but we Do understand the meaning of "inspired". That is why I'm saying if it's a exact copy, call it a copy, not "inspired". Because that is no different from those Chow Kit fellas selling their triple A quality LV's and calling it "inspired".

    Capish? :)

  8. if that item with the logo's confirm fake. Even thou seller claim it triple A grade.Seller please jgn jadi bodoh that way.Is already with logo..What "inspired" about that.??And are you aware that you can be sued for selling imitation/replica /even triple A grade registered Brand??

    Inspired is more to similar with lagendary designer collection minus the logo.Without the logo nobody can say it either it's LV's..or Jimmy Choo's..Hermes's..and the list go on..The design is INSPIRED by lagendary designer.Nobody can call it not even a brand.We cannot call it copy because 1:we not the one that making the items.. 2:Nobody suppose to copy branded label. That why is inspired...
    And when we talked about Inspired..we pointing more to the design.for example:inspired by chanel timeless 2.5 collection.the quilt,chain,size,shape and instead of C capls they change it to plain square claps.This is what we called cannot said anything about quality/meterial when it come to mostly with normal benang,paded in quilt and kain tebal kat dalam.Chanel is using a pure lamb skin with superb high quality thread,stainless chain and ect...Mango is different here and there in their on way.

    Like TOPSHOP, Mango, Zara, Cotton On..yes they do have abit or less "chanel's inspired" bag.let me explain why they didn't said about inspired and why they change abit here and there..
    1:Mango is registered label.they have their own designers/crews.How they want to called their items inspired by another label??doesn't make sense.Mango is registed branded label which most of us affort to have it.But not for Chanel.not everybody can bought it.But you can get it online less than Mango's price.Like online seller we called it inspired by "..." cause the item look a like.
    to 2nd Anonymous..We are not the one who insulted the great designer.We just selling it.. It does look like designer brand anyway.because of the respect we put it inspired.(i'm talking about without logo)if we put copy it will insult more.who are we want to copy them??
    I hope i cleared things up in a nice way.sorry if i offended anybody..

  9. hustler vendor and jasmine, the both of you are total idiots. you don't even understand what the original post is all about...

    and i completely agree with the person who posted it. "EXACT REPLICA", hello! it's fake lah!

  10. to the last bloody motherf*****.
    HV just trying to clear things up..why you come out from hell and being an ***hole by calling people idiot!!??
    when people pist off you said we don't call people idiot just to make people get the msg..idiot!!

  11. Eh? So what are YOU doing Red? U're angry at the anonymous for calling people idiot and u're calling her a motherf****r and an idiot? I understand u can be angry but if u object to people calling other people idiot then why are u doing it? Just tell her off properly lah. I dont like it when people simply call others stupid or what but if u say that back to them dont it make u the same?


  12. hey peeps,

    chill chill..

    i saw this in a website about designer-inspired vs replica (fake) bags, below is the extracted paragraph:

    "I've seen some designer inspired handbags and they're very close to the original. In some cases, such as with replica Louis Vuitton handbags the signature "LV" may be a bit different, the same goes for replica Coach handbags. The designer inspired bags will have a slight difference in signature fabric, but is a knock-off otherwise."

    Scroll down to Designer Inspired Handbag section in this link -

    In this case, the Buyer has stated "You don't call an exact replica of these off-the-runway stuff as that"

    So I guess there's really a difference between INSPIRED and REPLICA.

  13. I think anything inspired is actually a direct copy. Inspired is actually when u design something based on some other thing that inspires u, like music or art or people.

    Like the christopher kane inspired dresses from topshop, topshop designed something that is inspired from christopher kane's collection. It is not 100% the same but u can see the resemblance. That is inspired, regardless there is a brand or not.

    When u copy something directly even without the brand/logo, like the Chanel bag, that is not inspired. When it is 100% the same, or looks exactly the same that is not inspired. That is a replica. Just because there isnt a logo doesnt mean it is inspired, when it is almost 90% the same that is an exact duplicate/replica.

    I hope people here understand. Look at this link and u'll see what i mean. Those topshop dresses are inspired by christopher kane's collection because there is a common element, the scallops but it is not 100% exact.

  14. Lol, i just submitted a comment and turns out an anonymous already explained it too :D

  15. Oops, i meant to say anything blogshops say inspired is a direct copy/replica. Since it is anything but inspired.

  16. @ Red

    "English language classes" - I think you should try it, it'll help you. You can follow up with some anger management classes too. It'll really do you good. Better yet, wash your mouth with a bar of soap.

    We're here to discuss something with substance, not to fire back with foul language. Please, have some class.

    Anyway, the person who posted this has a point. He/she said "replica", which obviously means the exact similar bag/shoe. It's fake. It's not inspired. Inspired would mean having the idea, and then creating something new based on that idea and not completely copying it.

  17. thanks hannah and the anonymous above hannah. u cleared things up. i always thought it was like this but i dont dare to comment just in case i'm wrong. u really explained it well. i hope now everyone understands this.

  18. HUstler Vendor why u belit belit ur explaination? I dont understand at all. U dont know dont try to explain and pretend other people are stupid. I dont know if i dont understand ur english or ur explaination. Ur english is a bit off and the way u expain is so confusing.

  19. HUstler Vendor = Red?

  20. its a big diferenceMarch 1, 2010 at 4:19 PM

    just to make things clear, fake and inspired are two different meanings. just that some sellers are mislabeling it as 'inspired' while its actually fake = replica.

    and to writer, everybody have their own opinion. its their choice whether they wanna buy inspired / fake / original items. none of your business actually.

    if you can afford original items, then good for you. but don't just simply label inspired items as fake. its different. inspired is no fake.

    but if you don't have money then don't buy fake ones. inspired is way better. unless you're siti nurhaliza and you buy fake LV from petaling street also people will think its original.

  21. what i understand....

    Inspired = getting an idea from something, not really the exact same product. it may be 50-70% copy from the original look. mostly manufacturer will copy the main attraction of the original product, ie. red sole shoe.

    replica = can be from 90-100% same as the original. Something that u often c in petaling street, thats replica. short to say, fake.

    correct me if im wrong.

  22. its a big difference -> um, "none of your business"? isn't this blog meant to rant over things buyers and sellers don't like about online shopping? and the Buyer isn't talking about what people wanna buy.... the Buyer is talking about what the Sellers are calling the items up on sale. What the real message is and how you've misinterpreted it = A BIG DIFFERENCE.

    Tik Tok -> you're absolutely right. replica = fake, which is what this Buyer is trying to say.

  23. No more name spilling!! enough drama la

  24. dear hustler it even A NAME?..cuz it doesnt make sense,& i so sorry to tell you this but im prett-ty sure that 99% of the people who are busybody enuff (like myself) to scroll down & read other people's comments can barely get tru the 2nd pararagh. go write sumwhr else pls.

    & i agree with whoever who said that everyone IS entitled to their own opinion bt then again,this IS blog for rants.

  25. When I read all of your comments ladies/guys, seriously it's not a really big issue (for me). as long as the materials used are good/quality doesnt matter whether it's fake/inspired/genuine or not. if u can afford to buy the authentic one go for it, if not doesnt mean you couldnt get a good/nice one because it's cheap.

    ya , to me if the design looks exactly similar with the real one it's a replica although no logo attached. but it doesnt bother me much cuz what I always look for is sth that is:-

    1. canteek
    2. good quality

  26. I'm sorry but what's the problem here? Is it even an issue? You wanna buy you buy lah. Dont like then walk away. D'you know even the High Streets in the UK copy blatantly these runway stuffs and calls them inspired? Check ASOS out babe.

  27. chill people. i think everyone has their own opinion on wht is inspired & fake.

    but in this case, i think the contents of this post is quite misleading. writer, are u tryin to say tht blogshop owners label their 'FAKE BAGS ETC' as inspired? for example.. they sell fake chanel bag WITH LOGO on it & call it 'CHANEL INSPIRED' ?

    or are they just selling a bag that LOOKS like the chanel bag & call it 'chanel inspired'?? cuz in tht case, labeling it as 'inspired' shudnt be a problem.. right?

    hmm, and i think some of the readers tht commented on this post must have gotten the wrong idea..