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Oits... what time zone you in?

There was once I enquired for a dress, the seller was very nice and answered me perfectly.
I decided that I wanted the dress and emailed her to confirm it in which she gave me her account number and all.

I informed her that I wouldn't be able to make it to the bank tomorrow and I'd do it the next day. She agreed to hold it for me till then. As there was another interested buyer, she said she'll let it go if I fail to make payment by after that day.

Then 3 hours later, she emailed me telling me it was sold... not a single word of sorry or anything. WTH?

Sellers who don't hold on to their promise pisses me off.


  1. I'm always wondering why people are slapping the innocent one?!!


  2. There's a lot of that going around... saja kot?