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Teen Control

There was this customer that emailed me telling me that she really like one of the leggings I are selling. So as usual I gave her my account details etc.

The she replied saying that she would opt for COD. So we arranged for COD at this place and she went like "Can we COD near Monash or Pyramid at 2pm". I explained to her that I am working and can't make it there at the given time.Or we can COD at the place she wanted after my work. Then she replied "Oh I'm only 16 so I don't drive. My mom won't allow me to meet elsewhere". First response came out from me was "awww poor thing" The I replied to her that why not she pay extra RM4 for postage then we can cut all the troubles.

Guess what she replied: " I don't have bank account and I don't know how to bank in money. Can you send to my house?"

WTF. She doesn't even have a bank account /know how to bank in money and she wants to do online shopping? What happened to KIDS these days???


  1. Slap buyer's parents...

  2. NO slap the seller. U can teach her what. Cash deposit machine dear.

  3. i'm a school kid too but i'm not as dumb as that -.-" HAHA.

  4. What's wrong? "KIDS" cannot shop ar? She's 16, hardly a KID! Not a big deal, you could've been a lil more understanding.

  5. hey, just cos she's a bit blur doesnt mean u have to be mean.. u can at least teach her right? a simple instruction like "just go to maybank, go to the cash deposit machine, key in my account number and bank in rm50 and u're all done" would be very much appreciated by that kid i think..

  6. Slapping buyer because I'm just being mean. But seriously, if you can't or do not know how to bank in money, why should you inconvenience yourself AND the seller?

  7. Becos she wants to try out online shopping? Come on, evryome has a first time, just give her a break. But i agree, dont inconvenient the seller but i think the seller could help a bit like the 4th anonymous person said.

    If its too troublesome for the buyer and she still wants the seller to come to her house then the seller has every right to decline. No harm trying to help educate a buyer right?

  8. charge her extra RM10 for home delivery la. kau tim. or teach her how to bank in.

    16 is not hardly a kid la. she cannot ask her parents to help her out meh. or friends. does she have any of those.

  9. Simple courtesy of telling her how to bank in won't kill you or make your life any harder. You know..all of us here including you had to learn too on how to bank in and do all these. If 'kids' nowadays don't learn all these, who's gonna buy from you next time? Yourself?

  10. you dont have to be such a cn always teach her you know.sheesh.and whats up with your english?"the leggings I are selling"? knw wat,adults like YOU make the teenagers of today stupid.okay thats a bit out of topic.oh well.slap your dirty ass fr being such a bitch.

  11. omg i was about to post the same thing
    I'm a blogshop owner and I hate it when I have to entertain "kids" though I end up doing it anyway.
    They don't know what COD is while you can just google it. And they expect you to solve their problem, like cannot go to bank la, don't have bank account la.
    If you don't have a bank account or dont know how to cash in manually, then don't online shop la.
    If you desperately like the item, ask your friend or your mom first la how to do this and that.
    You can't expect the seller to teach you from A to Z. What if got 5 kids like that?
    And kids like to ask stupid question too. Grrr

  12. haha the buyer should just ask her mom how to do online banking la. aigoo.

    and the seller, pls don't get mad la. at least there's someoene willing to buy something from you (even a clueless kid lol).

    now i feel like slapping everyone in this story.

  13. i sooo wanna slap the buyer/kid...bcos in business, wer got all this funny2 stuff such as teach buyer how to bank in la, pe la.. our job is selling items only, not a teacher..

    ini baru nak beli legging...what if the kid wants to buy a house? "ohhh, i oredi book this bungalow, but i dono la how to make payment?"



    She's one of my buyer as well, because she's the only one who dares to ask, 'Send it to my house can ar?'

    Then once she actually really resort to postage, then I told her I would teach her to bank in and then she actually went to an ATM machine instead at those shops of petrol stations -.-