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Gimme back my money!

I once ordered this item from this blogshop, it was still available and I made the payment immediately after confirming and all.

later the blogshop owner told me that it's already sold out, like how on earth? I make payment through online banking straightaway after i've confirmed my order and it's still sold?

Okay laa, fine. So i ask her to refund the money, gave her my details, waited and waited... for 3 whole weeks!

Why does it take one minute to email me it's sold out, but forever just to refund my money?


  1. Absolutely hate this kind of seller.

  2. this type of seller need to be EXPOSED.

  3. experienced the same thing with one of a very famous blogshop.. >_<

    pester me to bank in, but takes ages to refund..sheehs!