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Choke on it

I'm a professional by day but sell chocolate coated marshmallows online. While I was away in kl attending a seminar, I got this huge inquiry from a client outside of my circle of friends.. kewl.. so I thought.. well.. lets just call..

Called her on Thursday.. she said she's retiring and wants to give everyone something nice and the delivery should reach her by friday.. she ordered like RM400 worth of chocolates with specific box sizes, colours, ribbons, cards and the list goes on. Sheesh! I said im actually from JB so I cant make her order on time. Besides, all of my stuff are at home and I'm staying with a friend.

She insisted that I make them and have it delivered either on Friday or Saturday. Said she was a serious buyer. Fine. I didnt want to let this big order go anyway. My friend helped, drove me around kl to buy stuff, lend me some extra cash (just in case) and off to the kitchen we go.

At 12midnight she called and said the price I quoted earlier was too expensive. She could've gone to godiva n got nicer chocolates with that price. You'll only get 2-3 stuff from godiva with RM 400 and I've packed more than 20 boxes! I went everywhere to buy my ingredients in a foreign state and you bitched about the price that I quoted to you earlier that day?! Damn! She finally reduced her orders and agreed on a certain amount. We finished making her choc at 4am. I havent seen my kids for like 5 days. All this work for shitty crap ppl like you.

Saturday morning, went through kl's infamous traffic jam to get to her. Got our money and went off. She rang and said she was not happy becos there were no cards. I said you reduced the price, you made me work and stay longer in kl although I can always courier to you the choc. While she was ranting I simply turned off the phone. Not worth the time spent. Thank you very much.


  1. Not in the F&B line but isnt it the norm to collect 100% cash before you start making the chocolate?

  2. she's retiring and still wants to be stingy with all her office mates. damnn it must be bad to have someone like her as a friend -.-

    cheapo old lady! hahaha.

    don't have money don't order lah!

  3. yes, she's a bitch. but like in the previous post, u choose to do this so u have to manage ur time wisely.

  4. Fine. I didnt want to let this big order go anyway.

    U said so yourself, u wanted the order eventhough u know u're gonna have to work hard so dont blame the lady for sleeping at 4am, staying in kl longer and such. BUT i do think the lady is inconsiderate and crappy for changing order and complaining and all.

    But like some sellers said before, sellers problems are sellers problem, dont take it on the customer.

  5. Should have asked payment upfront. What if the buyer backs out?

  6. Both buyer and seller deserves a slap in this one, but the seller deserves a bigger slap.

    The buyer is wrong in the sense that she has agreed to the earlier price and then reduced it when you have already started making the chocs.

    But i was really shocked at the part where you shut off your phone while she was still talking. To shut off your phone while anyone is still talking is terribly rude. Not to mention that it's a customer who have just only bought from u. You kept complaining that u slept late/stayed up to make the chocs and couldn't see ur kid for several days. But u already knew that at the start when u received this big order and got so happy rite? sheesh. if u can't handle the tough work of making such big orders then just reject it at the start la. don't accept it and then complain of the hard work n place the blame on the buyer. Two thumbs down for the u and now, i've changed my mind and i think u deserve 2 big slaps instead.

  7. you shouldn't write the last part (turn off your phone while the old lady is still ranting) LOL.

    suddenly you got 8 slaps.