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** If anyone wants to know the identity of the said seller or buyer, please leave your email add in the comment box and wait for the private message from the author.
** Any entries with names in them will automatically be deleted. Same applies for comments. Anonymity is my priority..
** I am also not married to Grissom hence I have no CSI knowledge to know which story is true or not. I am only your cut & paste typist.

Automated Services

This is a list of automated services which I NEVER look forward to receiving:

1) Auto subscribe to updates (that are IMPOSSIBLE to remove btw)
2) Auto random updates (And all email adds NOT in the BCC list either!)
3) "I'm A F**KING NEW BLOGSHOP OH YOU MUST BUY FROM ME KNS" emails to both my private AND blogshop emails accounts
4) Auto tagging (with HTML some more, fugly-ing my tagboxes)
5) Join my Facebook fan page! FYL I'm not a fan, and will never be.

Blogshop owners: Wake up la! All you're doing is getting yourselves correctly labeled as SPAM

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  1. How to do all the auto subscribe uh?

    I'd looove to

    Just kidding :D