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Reservation Denied

It's so ridiculous how some blogshop (mostly all the "popular" ones) do not let us reserve. With the statement "priority will be given to those who can bank in the fastest". I understand that you sellers may often encounter people who will reserve and eventually run off but don't you think you should be a little more considerate to those of us who do not stay near a Maybank deposit machine or have the Maybank2u account?

I mean, give and take. Atleast give buyers a 12 to 24 hours reservation. It's only fair to the rest of us, right?


  1. i understand how u feel. why not u ask the seller to reserve for u and explain ur situation? maybe a kind, humanly and understanding seller will reserve for u. if not, screw them. go and find item u wanted in other blog :)

  2. The blog already stated who can make the payment first will get the item,since already give 2days reservation and the people back-out do you people think how the seller feel!and is not fair for other who waiting too..

  3. second anonymous, i dont get u. what do u mean already give 2days reservation? is this ur personal experience or what? since no where in the post did the buyer state anything like that.

    i understand sellers want fast deals but i think a 24 hour period to pay is reasonable enough. sometimes some really serious buyers dont have internet banking for that particular bank and need to transfer via cash deposit. and not everyone are near the bank.

    but if the seller insist on paying via inernet banking regardless the sellers and buyers having different banks and seller is willing to wait days for fund transfer then ok.

  4. usually 24hrs in mini reservation times..
    3 days for max..
    i don't really like blogshop first pay first least put the next buyer in line.
    even thou they said something like "payment 24hrs free delivery" they still have to put the next buyer in line..
    just my 2 cents la...

  5. Some Seller are TOO GREEDY!!!!!
    All they care about is getting $$ instantly... Aren't they buyer too?
    They should be considerate instead of just passing it to the next buyer just coz the Next Buyer are able to PAY EARLIER/INSTANTLY!!!

    I once want this skirt so badly, I reserved it and she was ok... I told her nicely I can make payment tomorrow night the latest coz I don't have online banking nor living next to the Maybank bankdraft machine.. Then when I ask again before I wanna drive to Maybank that lunch break, she said it was SOLD OUT! Like Shitty much????

    Your blogshop so popular la KONON, don't care about your buyer's feeling at all.. TAMAK/GREEDY Much???? ISH!
    Till now I still hate that blogshop..


  6. or we should look to the bright side...why not open up account ? ;)

  7. to the writer:

    sellers are not greedy. its nothing personal, it's just business.