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I'm tagged to a nipple

I join Facebook groups of various Blogshops to get updates. By updates, I mean getting private messages or invites to events.

Well updates are getting annoying when you get tagged to a photo of a dress! You see 50 people tagged to a mannequin. Is as if a message in my inbox wont grab my attention, you have to tag me to a nipple?? Now everyone who knows me gets to see me tagged to a nipple too!

Come on already... dont make me remove myself from your shit Facebook page!


  1. I dislike such sellers/fb shops as well. Always tagging people like nobody's business. I would quickly untag myself and delete them off from my list. Problem solved :)

  2. Such sellers are super annoying!

  3. You know, your post is really FUNNY, the way you describe being tagged to the nipple...i seriously ROTFL....hahahah!! sorry ya. :D the mannequin has ran out of space to tag you, so no choice but to tag you on the nipple :-X ***pats***

  4. I pity the person tagged to the crotch