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Like I have no LIFE

One of my customers had bought a studded vest from me. She msged me to tell me that the studs on her item were not aligned properly and requested for an exchange for another piece. Okay, since I'm nice enough I told her it wouldn't be a problem. We set the time and place of the COD and ended our conversation then.

The day of the COD I arrived just in time. Even msged her 10 minutes earlier to inform her. I waited. 10 minutes passed. I waited. 15 minutes passed.

I gave her a call to check if she was still coming or maybe she tripped on her way out and suffered some serious concussion.

No answer.

By then, the guard asked me to leave the mall because I'm not allowed to wait there for more than 15 mins. BAH! I drove around multiple rounds like a fool. Waited for another 10 minutes. She msgs me "OH! I'm coming!On the way ya!"

Great. I waited. FOR ANOTHER 10 FREAKING MINUTES. I gave another call to make sure she didn't lose her way cause' she had a sudden encounter of amnesia.

No answer.

WOW. I wanted to drive into a wall. We were suppose to meet at 12pm and by now it's 12.30 or so. She calls me," Hello?! OMGOSH I'm SO SO SORRY. My friend took my car out WITH THE ITEM INSIDE THE CAR. Sigh. So can you come to my house instead?"

Er. WTH? Weren't you ON THE WAY? I should have known. With my patience wearing thin, I told her to just let me know the directions to her place.

I got lost trying to find her home. I was cursing at the wind and driving like a mad woman by now. 1pm, I finally found her house. I didn't even bother to smile or greet her in any way, I was too angry! " So you give me this item first then I'll mail you the one that my friend is having okay?"


I passed her the item and left while she apologized profusely.



  1. wow, that's a heck load of trust there. I hope you DO get the other vest back

  2. Yes I did! She seemed pretty sorry. And even if she didn't, I know where she lives. Haha