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Someone hand me a baseball bat

I have a shopping cart website which you all know has all options for postage during checkout. I received an order in my email from a buyer in Sarawak. I'm in PJ by the way. She opted for COD which I have stated is free within my hotspot in PJ.

I wrote to her immediately nicely explaining that she may have made a mistake on the postage and to opt for Poslaju or Pos Ekspress instead. Here's the following convo :

Me : Hi, I think you made a mistake on the postage. You're in Sarawak so you have to opt for postage.
Buyer : No, no, I want to COD.
Me : Oh, are you coming to PJ soon?
Buyer : No
Me : Then you can't opt for COD. You have someone in PJ to pick the item up for you?
Buyer : No
Me : Then how do you want to COD?
Buyer : I dont know, can you figure it out please? I just dont want to spend so much on postage and I want COD cos it free.
Me : But we're in 2 different states separated by an ocean. We really cannot COD unless you're coming to PJ.


Buyer : What's COD?

After my eyeballs finished bleeding, i took time to laugh though.


  1. lol this is funny ! tanya lah dulu kalau tak tahu, selamba jer mintak. hahahahah.

  2. my,my how come there are still so many people out there who is so blur what COD stands for. aiyoo...dunno ask la!

  3. haha this is hilarious! duuhhh!!!

  4. what a joke! i had a nice laugh this morning! lmfao!!!

  5. I need the ending! Did buyer buy in the end?

  6. No, she stopped writing to me after that

  7. you have to understand..some people know ..some may be not...
    but is still funny thou!
    sorry can't help it..

  8. i dont know what cod is until i read some of the post here... dont expect everyone to know, since maybe it was his/her first time?

    but then again, the buyer should ask in the first place. dont act like you know smtg you dont.

    therefore, i vote for lol. LOL!

  9. Haha so she thought COD is a kind of postage delivery. LOL