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Can I use your head as a stress ball?

One day i was browsing thru this blogshop which i saw some pieces that i like. I emailed the blog owner n waited for a reply.

After waiting for a week, still no reply. (when her blog says specifically replies will be within 24 hrs)

So i thought, maybe she didnt get my msg. fair enough, i sent my 2nd email. n waited..

Again no reply after 4 days. by then i tried sms-ing her,hoping she wil get back to me.

She did...AFTER 5 days!she explained that she had ran out of credit n she hasnt been online to check her email because she was busy. n that the items i wanted were alrdy sold out when in her blogshop it CLEARLY says available.

So i ask if the item was restockable n she said yes. so i ordered n paid the very next day. the items were said to be arriving in 2 weeks.

I waited for 3 weeks before texting her if my item was had arrived. n her reply? 'oh,sorry ah... i forgot to tell u that ur item is no longer available'

I felt like smacking her after all that i had to put up. although she refunded me, i am still NEVER going back to that blogshop EVER again.

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