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Chiffon Flasher

I'm actually running a boutique shop and I served this fantastic Chinese female customer two weeks ago.

She was choosing some clothes in my boutique and picked alot of chiffon tops telling me "I love chiffon tops because i don't have to wear bra inside (smile)"

Me :" O.O???"
As we know, chiffon is kind of the transperant or very very thin cloth.

Then the customer went in the fitting room and try on those top, and she walked out and show me with the chiffon top on with no bra inside! There are alot of customer in the shop and near the fitting room as well!

Customer :"Nice? I really like to wear chiffon!"
Me :"O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She was really wearing the top without any bra or tube inside and showing me just like this. Then she went into the fitting room and try on another chiffon top and came out again.

Customer :"Not bad huh?"
Me :"You usually wear like this?"
Customer :"Ya ~ I feel like wearing this when i go to work"
Me :"Work? What are u working as?"
Customer :"Office work"

She then tried more clothes in my boutique and I served her more than one hour *faint*. Finally she pick some tops, accessories, bag to buy.

At the counter, I was counting the total amount needed to pay and it was about RM450. I was so happy because it is kinda big business. When she was about to pay, she told me :"Hey, my boyfriend is waiting me downstairs already, I'm rushing, can I come and pay it tomorrow? Please reserve it for me!"
Me :"@@???? ok, no prob"
I was actually stunned.

You spend more than one hour trying aloooot of clothes here but you can't spend less than five minutes to make the payment?

Fine, I reserved it for her.

The next day, i didnt see her.. same as the third day.. forth day... after one week.. And i finally release all the item and so far she didnt appear in my shop.



  1. For you I say: poor thing..

    For that lady I say: can she wears it without BRA?!?!!? Eeeewwww!!!! Yucks!!!

  2. omg! this made my CNY day! haha. HAPPY CNY!

  3. Question :

    Was is 2 kuaci or 2 watermelons staring back at you?

  4. You know what? I'm actually glad she didnt go back to buy the tops. I wouldnt want to bump into her in public wearing them.

    *wash eyes * wash eyes*

  5. I bet it was a dare ;P
    Maybe someone offered her 5k to do that. LOL.
    or maybe she did get punked. LOL

  6. HAHAHAH yeah man!!!i think someone dared her man. i think the boyfriend did!hahahaha

  7. PAY ME 5K!!! I'll flash my tits to you! LOL

  8. oit, somebody slap the seller!!




  9. Maybe she's also a peminat chiffon with no bra!