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I Forgot to check my Bed

There is this buyer who spammed me smses while i was on a vacation overseas claiming that she hasn't receive her parcel and she needs to wear it for an event the next day... (and yup, i gave her the tracking number before that)

I asked my friend for help to check the tracking number from my email and call up pos office to check.. but the pos office side claimed that they have sent out the parcel.

I smsed the customers and informed her that the postman has delivered the item to her house and asked her to check her mailbox and check with her family members..

She replied that she has checked her mailbox and family members but no one has picked up the parcel...bla bla bla. continue to spam me msgs from noon till night... asking whether her money will go wasted and all..

At around 10pm at night, she smsed me again, "oh babe, i just reach home and saw the parcel is lying on my bed. thanks for the great service huns"

Argh!!! i thought you've checked everything before smsing me? waste my time and money on roaming charges!!!

You deserve a slap, dont you?

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