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Dear Jobless

I don't understand why some people likes to be rude on our chatbox. If you got something to say, email us your problem and we'll solve it together instead of making a big scene on our chatbox.

So jobless ah you? If you don't like what we sell, we never asked you to buy from us also? We are not that desperate, seriously. And if you think what we sell is expensive, go buy from pasar malam lah.

I'm just annoyed.


  1. if you're not asking for people to buy from you, then who? monkeys?

    sorry, i'm just pissed off.

  2. "If you got something to say, email us your problem and we'll solve it together instead of making a big scene on our chatbox."

    oh my... now this is probably the CSI team that the LOSER was talking about?

    LOL 100 times.

  3. Buyers should not comment that harshly on the cbox knowing it will ruin the blogshop's business
    blogshop sellers should also not mark up prices too high,
    we're online shopaholics, -we see the same thing on every blogshop and know the BEST price or will keep hunting until we find it! :)

  4. I don't see anything wrong with that. Buyers have the right to complain because they received bad service. Yes, they can discuss it with the sellers behind closed doors, but I think it's best to let other buyers know as well.

    The seller is also given a chance to defend him/herself on the Cbox, so I don't see a problem here.

    Besides, perhaps they reason some buyers post on the Cbox is because their emails have been ignored. Just a though..

  5. I think it's reasonable to put up comments in the cbox then everyone will know.
    Most sellers that have something to hide (like prices to high etc to keep their business) will always end up deleting their cbox and comments on posts will require permission.

    Personal experience.

  6. You know what differentiate a good seller and a trashy seller? a good seller appreciate their customers. if you have problem with people commenting publicly on the items you are selling, dont put a cbox in the first place.

    you, i have to say, should be the one selling in pasar malam lah with this kind of attitude!

  7. To the Anon above me, good one! Lol!

  8. the advice to buy in pasar malam is a really good advice...
    gals, many blogshops items are exactly the same as the ones sold in pasar malam...the suppliers sell their items at pasar malam as well for a much cheaper price...maybe the environment is dirty and unpleasant, but why not, for a better bargain?:)
    n actually, pasar malam sellers are really friendly..LOL...

  9. if ur items are good and really suits the price then its ok, why u want to be mad if ppl visiting ur blog wrote someting on ur chat box.. btw, if customer complaint and sent to ur email, will u really entertain them? :p

  10. hey what's wrong with buying from pasar malam?? iz it low class or wut. so buying from your blogshop is high class la. FTW at least the sellers there are wayyyy nicer than you. boooo!

    shame on you!

  11. hahaha...big slap on the seller,luckily nvr reveal her blogshop site, if not sure kena boycott...why ask them to email u, but not on the chatbox? wanna hide something? as though they would get any discount or being entertain if they email u,obviously u wont la,judging by yr bad attitude, so unprofessional...