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I have more to love

Can you all count the amount of PLUS SIZE blogshops out there? I feel sooooo deprived.

No, I am not the whale who tore that dress in Rip van Crumple. I have long accepted the fact that I am not UK8.


  1. You have to understand and not take things personally. Shop owners would love to sell anything so we can make extra cash on the side, its not that we DON'T want to sell plus size clothing. It's because most of the clothes are from Korea/China (hence the small sizes), these clothes are made to cater the normal asian size. There is a much LARGER market for these sizes, who would want to venture into plus size when clearly there is in nothing return for them?

    So please stop blamming/assuming/labelling online sellers or shop owners for that matter. As we all CAN'T get any plus size clothes to sell.

    Sincerely, SHOP OWNER

  2. The thing is, when you are plus-sized, it makes more sense for you to go out and actually try on the clothes to see if it looks nice.

    No offense to plus-sized girls, but if I'm plus-sized, I wouldn't wanna purchase stuff online. Who knows how I would look in the same dress which was modeled by a UK8 girl?

    Unless the model/seller herself is a plus sized girl (so she can model her clothes and give buyers an idea how it would look on them), there is no way any business-savvy seller would venture into selling plus-sized clothes.
    It just doesn't make sense.

  3. Hey!

    Actually there are a lot of plus size online shops, you just have to look for them. I'm a plus-sized gal and i opened a plus size online shop. You can come see whether you like them :) We try to cater for all plus sizes. And I have a few links in my blog that sell plus size apparels too.

    Don't be too disappointed ya babe?