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I just started my preloved blogshop a few weeks back and I was super elated when people started inquiring about my items. I  gladly took the time to measure everything, taking extra pictures, modeled ones on request and emailed them. After that - no reply.

No saying whether they wanted it. No saying whether it didn't fit them. No saying whether they don't want it anymore. Emailed them a few times saying "hi are you still interested in the items?" but still nada.

It takes less than a minute to reply "Sorry I don't want them anymore thanks".

And there was another case where the girl wanted a few items and I tried to push down the prices for her since I mentioned prices were negotiable. She kept asking for very, very low prices, and I'd be making a huge loss. Told her that and she said "Oh I thought you were very desperate".

Yeah I was.. but not THAT desperate. In the end, she didn't want everything. Shrugs


  1. Ooooo... Bitch is rude wei. How can she call you desperate? I hope you told her to go set herself on fire

  2. if they don't get back to you, don't have to waste your time and ask anymore. if someone else is interested in the item then just let it go. its no loss, really.

    by mailing them asking if they still want the item, well, to me that looks a lil bit desperate though :S

    sorry, was just being honest!

  3. Its call manners. Not something alot of people can understand I guess...

  4. girl,i feeel you! i'm in the exact same situation. the worst part is when they ask you alot of questions, decide to reserve it then disappear.

    and that 'desperate' comment was just nasty *slap slap slap*

  5. I think mailing them to ask again isn't desperation but more of manners, yeah. How rude of the buyer, like as if it takes 72000 years to reply "no thanks"

  6. hey! I wan to visit your blogshop! May I? :D my email add -

  7. I feel you too girl! Experienced that sooooo many times. :(

  8. I've started selling online since '09 & I gotta say I do experience that like a lot.

    It's hard, but don't worry if people want it they will get it.
    No point in asking them whether they want it or not. You'll just waste your time & people will start to think you're desperate.

    So, chill ! :)

  9. Hahha there is one particular girl who enjoys doing this and she always frequent pre-loved stores (a few preloved owners shared the same experience with her). Her tactic is to squeeze ur price to super low by stating a list of items...and eventually end up buying one or maybe none of the pieces at the low discounted price.