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Tagged & Ambushed

Just like the post on: "I'm tagged to a nipple"! Again! I was tagged on their product pictures (Perfumes!) in FB. Many times, I just removed tag for myself, but this I decided to inform the seller. So I posted on her wall and also commented on the tagged photo to ask her to stop tagging me.

On FB wall:
Me: Dear owner! I am not your product!! Please do not tag me on your product!!

Seller: why so rude?if u not interested then u just remove the tag. no need to nag here n there...its not a big problem tho.

On the photo comment, they ganged up and scolded me! :( Am I wrong at the first place?

Me: Please do not tag me on your stock!!!!!!!! tq!!

Seller: Hi Miss xxx,if u want to remove tag u just go ahead. no need to nag all the way like "auntie2" kind of person,ok?

Me (since she called me autie...): okok... thanks nenek!!

Her customer (may be herself!): ah ah betul tuh,,,,just remove jerlah tag tuh,,,tak yah lah nak kecoh2 :)

seller: thanks izan..pelik betul la dgn org mcmni. mengamuk mcm kita tag gambar lucah je.. =P

Her customer (may be herself!): tuh lah,,,,tak berhemah lansung,,,,

Her customer (may be herself!): just carry on dear,,,,business mmg lah camnih,,,macam2 cara tuk nak promote betul tak? Tak salah tuh apa yg u buat,,,dun care lah org macam nih,,,macam maner bisnes nak maju :)

Dear all,
Is this one of the way to do advertisement?


  1. No offence here, but maybe the seller find you rude coz of the exclamation marks you used....perhaps your 'DEAR OWNER'...should end with a comma, or full stop..and not with exclamation marks all the way....

  2. The seller has an attitude problem, obviously. Who is the seller to tell her customer off? After all, the seller has tagged her customer and it is akin to spamming customers with unwanted mails without their consent. She could've just said a simple sorry and perhaps this buyer wouldn't feel so annoyed.

  3. i'd have to agree with no.1. maybe cuz you're using all those exclaimation marks, thats why the seller felt as if you're being rude. try and use full stops. but all the same, the seller shouldnt act that way as well. she tagged the buyer without her consent.

  4. i agree that its annoying n i hate sellers who do that. but come on, 8 freakin exclaimation marks and u dont see urself as rude? only someone really angry/wanna be rude would use 8 of it. dont pretend u dunno and u think people are being normal when they use 8 of it. if u just use a full stop, it would be way way better n i bet the seller would understand.

    next time try not to appear rude even if u dont mean it!!!!!!!!

    next time try not to appear rude even if u dont mean it..

    can u see the difference?

  5. Fb got block button dear..
    block it since they already gang up..
    remove yourself from being their fans...

  6. god so annoying..
    i hate ppl that are inconsiderate. WTF.
    i wud have just diu her...

    think they're so freaking smart tagging ppl.
    that's already invading privacy!
    well, at least to me..

    sometimes ppl use exclamation marks differently, not trying to be rude but maybe she was just like..Hey! blablabla..yadayada! like surprised or whatever la i dont know how to put it...

    anyways, i still felt they invaded her privacy loh. you dont simply go tagging ppl u dont know, even if you know, depends on who you are tagging.. kengkawan takpe.. kalo org yg serious ka,tak suka dikacau or suka ditanya dhulu ka.. many diff ppl w diff attitudes out there lah..
    i get tonnes of update spams. i mean i just inquired on her item(s), next thing she's sending me updates. WTF? then what is the damn Subscribe for Updates for? that one no purpose then no need to post at ur blog loh..

    **dont diu me.. i was just giving my thoughts**


  7. yes, surprised or friendly use exclamation mark but not until eight. i mail sellers with 'hey babe!' but obviously u know i'm not angry. dont tell me u're so dumb u cant differentiate between plain friendly and being rude/sarcastic.

    the way she worded it is polite but the !!!! made it look otherwise.

    Please do not tag me on your stock.. tq :)

    wouldnt it look better? even without the smiley it would be acceptable.

    but whatever it is, i also hate sellers who tag. hello, just becos i was kind enough to be ur friend/fan on fb doesnt mean i want u to tag me and make my photos full of perfumes, bags and shoes. so i think its annoying the seller did it but i also think the buyer could have dealt with the matter in a better way.

  8. I LOL-ed at the "tak salah tu apa u buat" comment, obviously they don't know pissing off customers is a bad way to do business.

  9. Even if your customers is rude, or you disagree with them, or you are annoyed with their enquiries, you should just smile. What is/are the benefit(s) of fighting against it? If you win, so? What can you get out of it? None! You are not only lose one customer, and words spread from mouth and affect your business. I think many of us (buyers) will love to be served well. Good customer service, and good bargain! Most of the time, we become friend!!

  10. My apology. I have to admit that I was very upset that moment. Well, it is an accumulative anger. Using exclamation marks is for attention. In this case, I need "many" attention! Haha.. 4th Anonymous is right, I appeared to be rube even I don't mean it.

    While annoyed by these sellers, who simply tagged us in fb on their products' pic, I learned one thing! Do not simply use exclamation marks! Thanks for the lesson.

    Admitting error clears the score and proves you wiser than before. By Arthur Guiterman

    Thanks to those

  11. But i think yes, it's a way of an advertisement, to let you see the pics of new collection. After you see, you can untag.. although yeah, it's can get your 'photos of you' space a lil crowded at times. But still, can be untagged.