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Delayed OOS

Theres this website that sells clothes their policy, at least 10 items per order and they use a shopping cart.

Shopping cart = if the item is still available, add them in you shopping cart, if the item is sold out, u cant even add them in your shopping cart.

So yeah, i bought 10 items from them! and when i got my parcel, the quality of the clothes is horrible! and i found out that i only got 9 items. so i checked my emails, whether ive missed any email from the seller saying they missed out one item or wat. and NO, i didnt get any emails from them.

So i emailed them! twice!!! and finally, after a few days they replied me saying the item they didnt send out to me is out of stock! and i was like WWWHHHAAAATTT???

1stly, u dont even bother to email me saying u only send me 9 items.
2ndly, why can i still add the item into my shopping cart when its already out of stock???
3rdly, they never even apologize! gosh!!
4thly, i went back to their website, theres no sign of "OUT OF STOCK" for that particular item.
5thly, i asked for another color for replacement, and they said OUT OF STOCK AGAIN! and in their website the item is still available too!

What on earth is happening?????

How advance!!! a website, a shopping cart....but dont know how to put an 'OUT OF STOCK' sign???


  1. I know which website u're talking. U're right, the quality of the clothes are EXTREMELY poor! That was the first time and also the last!

  2. Sorry, i dont mean to diss sellers with these domain webs and shopping carts but i actually prefer simple old blogshops. U can actually communicate with the sellers better and u get a sorta personal feeling between seller & buyer instead of just clikcing on the cart.
    And i think simple blogshop owners are friendlier and tend to ur questions and can definitely tell u if an item is out of stock. Just my opinion :)

  3. I think i noe which blogshop ure talking about. I actually bought 10 pieces for cny but they only send out 9, and the one left is a pair of shoes which is shitty cuz i don have a new pair of shoes for cny. n worse of all, they don even apologize or accept their mistake =.=

  4. the best choice is to ask 1st before u purchase..
    normally I prefer to c real item at least u can ask for real item picture or web cam to view

  5. which website is that??

    email me! *=*

  6. i noe, i noe! but they dont a service like dat, as in they dont show or email pics of the real item to you.
    and their pics are like those taiwanese/japanese/ korean models, u noe wat i mean, the "new blogshop preorder stuff"....

    cheapprettythings: emailed u