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Bad daily doses

I have been shopping online for eons and one thing I despise is certain blogshops update their blog one. stuff. at. a. day. and some only use this tactic so that their blog appears on top of the blogroll.

Why can't you update everything altogether so that we can see & pick & choose straightaway !! URGH.

If we were to wait and buy something that we like earlier then it'd be all sold out -__-" and that only leads to impulse purchase.



  1. Yeah mannnnnn...
    They really should just do a weekly post with 7 items each week right? More systematic

  2. sometimes for sellers based on my opinion, if you happen to get your hand on just one new stock youd want to quickly update so that the item is still restockable when the orders come in. if you wait until end of the week stock at the supplier's probably finish already. same case applies if the seller is a student/ has very busy schedule, updating one/two pcs a day is quicker

  3. I think it's alright even if they just update 1 item.. It's their marketing strategy and it's not wrong right? =P would you rather they update an empty post..

  4. Not a very good marketing strategy if you irk buyers right?

  5. buyers that are so easily irked can jolly well fuck of- we don't need buyers like that :)

  6. Yo sista... chill. It is merely an opinion. I think we should all be open to opinions to improve ourselves. Dont la suka suka F*** people.

    Chill... go smell some roses

  7. Blog author should start to filter all these swearing and cursing comments since nowadays there are so many 'kids' going around the blog as according to some posters here.

    foul-mouthed sellers could step aside and relearn proper language to communicate too because the the blogshopping arena could lose sellers like you :)

  8. Cannot edit comments one la and I dont delete any comments unless there are death threats or name dropping.

  9. I am a blog owner too, I updating all the average 2-3 products a day just because of tight schedule...never think that it will be some marketing strategy untill I read this....