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So What?

Many blogshops are runned by students. Some of us had bad experience dealing with some immature seller (and they are students!). Sorry, I am not saying all, but some.

You sell, I buy. Their favorite phases: "Please understand, I am a student!" or "Please look at it from the student's perspective!"

You are student? So what?

Our profession is nothing to do with this! You got exam? What does it do with me? It's time to brush up your time management! It's good for you, ;P More to learn and grow mature please!


  1. I've been there..
    this blogshop runned by 3 persons..
    2 of them is students and 1 working girl.
    Rule & regulation clearly stated that item will be shipped 1 day after payment..But my item delayed 2 day..The reason they gave me is "1 of my partner just start her 1st job today and 2 of us stuck with exam and assignment.."
    Is that should be my problem?
    I don't think so...!!
    You dealing with people should be more serious..honest and responsible.
    We understand you want to earn you extra pocket money but people like this make other sellers look bad...!!

  2. Sorry marlboro light but for me, delayed by 2 days is no big deal. U cant control their life, what if an emergency happen, or one of them is involved in an accident, u still want to demand they send ur item on the same day?

    Come on lah,just 2 days, if by a week or something then i understand that u're angry. And i think if the seller keeps quiet about the delay then u can get angry too but if they tell why then u should at least try to understand.

  3. some part-time blogshop sellers are also like this. i bought a few tops from this well-known blogshop and she have her own job too other than handling the blogshop i think. she told me she's going to post it asap. but once i banked in, i mailed her but got no replies. mailed her everyday for three days but then got no replies. don't think i got conned because i bought from her before and everything was okay and it was a fast deal.

    then the fourth day she told me she was on vacation. WTF?! on vacation and left me worrying about my payment? urghhh~

    so i waited, and waited, but no signs of any postman *so sad* and then someone replied my mail on her behalf, saying that the one in charge is admitted to the hospital, will send it next week.

    total up, i waited two weeks for the stuffs to arrive. huh.

    you can't only blame students okay. if you wanna buy, then you have to deal with all the waiting and so on, please be more understanding. if can't wait then just ask for a refund la. same thing like pre-order what, you cannot wait then don't order. deal with the T&C!

    i'm a student myself and i'm a seller but i only post the parcels on certain days as stated at my blogshop. so buyers have to bear with our t&c. if you wanna buy, then do READ our T&C and AGREE with everything first before you start making yourself look stupid and curse around anyhow you want.

  4. Anonymous..
    let me give you the detail kay..
    I made order on monday..done with the payment on tuesday.item posted on friday after 2.30pm.and i received it on monday.
    she reply my email on saturday saying that "sorry form the late reply..We been really busy this week.i just start my first job last monday and 2 of my partner was busy with their exam and assignment.your item have been post out on friday.this is your tracking number xxxxxxxxxxx.I've arrived at the post office at 2pm but it's a long queue.when it's my turn it's already 2.45pm."
    if its hit your head..what will you feel.??
    you sound like a always do this to your customers..??it's a bad's like working in the office..if you had appointment on tuesday..are gonna come on friday??and tell the customer's no big deal right??how can like that...want to do business better do it properly..some other seller might get a bad name too...

  5. To marlboro light:

    I'm not a seller, its just that before this i had something like this happen to me. But my case the owner is just one girl.

    I paid on sunday and the item was supposed to be sent out on monday but the seller sent it out friday around 11am (cant remember exactly) but since that week was the first saturday so i got it on monday too.

    Then she emailed me saying that her car broke down on monday and it was ready on tuesday evening so she wanted to send it on wednesday but suddenly got replacement class so she had to send it on thursday but she was too busy so only friday morning she can send out.

    Maybe she made it up, i dont know. But i just imagine if i was a seller and these things happen to me. Because it is possible that u have an unlucky week, wouldnt it be crappy to have some buyers being mad at u for things u cant really control?

    But i understand u being angry, but maybe just be a little understanding?

  6. 100% genuine sellerFebruary 16, 2010 at 1:57 PM

    I'm a seller, what ever the excuse may be, its really not right to hold on to your buyer's purchase for too long. I usually compensate either by giving free gifts or refunding the postage for the delay.

    It really eases the animosity.

    I dont expect my buyers to be understanding cos it is afterall my problem. I dont force my problems down their throat. Whatever it is, I am held responsible.

    I hope all sellers do the same instead of whining about a bad week or sad life.

  7. Hi girls, just wanna share something here.

    I bought item from XXXXX last few weeks. She said that she only do delivery on Saturday, which is once a week! She's a student, final sem or something.

    It was Monday and i don't want to wait for a week to get my item! So she said other alternative is she'll use Poslaju pickup service, but i will be charge RM2. I said WTH? If I want to use the service, means she'll be at home, why not sending it to me instead? Why charging me? I was kinda rude in my email..tsk!

    Then she replied, saying that Poslaju charged RM2 not her. And her mother will handle it for her, as she got lots of classes etc etc (student thingy!). I dont know whether she's just making stories or what, but so what-lah. I just want my items. So I paid RM2 extra.

    She post it the next day and there's RM1 in it. She emailed me and said that other customer is using the service too, so it's like..share the fee. I was kinda like, ok this girl is actually nice. I felt terribly BAD eversince!!!!!!!

    Learnt my lesson. Never judge a person if u don't know them.


  8. me too may..i had 2 experiences like this..

    once a seller delayed posting out my items for a week,i paid monday, she sent out next monday..i was annoyed at first but in my parcel she gave me back the postage fee and even said i could have 30% discount on my next purchase..she had to delay postage becos she just got fired and was busy with interviews to get a new job..

    the other one is the seller's mom got in an accident and was hospitalised so she delayed postage by few days..of course i didnt mind this but she apologized non stop like its her fault..

    so its true like may said, never judge a person if u dont know them. i dont know about others but in my opinion, sellers are human like me, so if i can have a problem why cant they. u said its not ur prob but sometimes things that happen are important things in their life..

    do u wanna be held responsible if the seller miss and fail their exam just to send out ur item? or miss their interview and stay jobless just becos u're forcing them to send ur things?

    but whatever it is, good job 100% genuine seller, its sellers like u that makes online shopping pleasant :)

  9. Thanks babe, speak our heart!

    Dear Sellers, please act like a seller, and don't expect us to think like you!! Accidents don't choose you because you are students, failing exam is not just because you send out our orders on time.

    Just do it because it is your responsiblity, God bless you because you have done a good job! He will take care of you when you are driving, and pass your exam!

    God bless you!

  10. ok..
    but your situation is different...
    I got this seller which is single mother..
    her son was addmitted in ampang puteri hospital..
    she said she cannot post the item since she is single mother..but then she did ask me if i'm free to come and pick it up at ampang puteri hospital..Then i feel bad course she is single i came with my son bring some books and toys..and yes..her son really admitted and she offer me discount for that item and want to give me refund for my postage..i said i don't need ok..
    what i'm trying to said is is you runned it alone..I'll try my best to understand..but 3 person??make time la..everybody got 24hrs a day one get more or less..when customer that involve money need trust and honestly more than anything.
    if you know you gonna be very busy..put a hiatus updating your page like..everyday..but no time to reply email..
    very frustrating...

  11. I agree with Jane..if u choose to run a business, be more responsible..regardless of who u are..student or not. nobody forced u to juggle life as a student and a business person, u choose to do it, deal with all the S*** and CR** that comes with the MONEY u earn. grow up and learn to live with the first rule in business...CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT ;-P

  12. marlboro light , me too! Very frustrating! I am so SCARE to deal with student sellers! Got scolded because they are immature! Used all kind of words (ONLY) students can use, and giving advise (pretending) like an adult! How understanding we can be? Sigh...

  13. I agree with 100% genuine seller.
    I'm a seller myself and I've never hold my buyers' items more than 2 days from actual day of shipping. If I do, I'll email/sms them updates daily until their items are posted. I was a student a few years back and that never gave me any problems (exams, studies, car broke down, etc..). So at the end of the day, it's all about time management. Dear sellers, don't expect buyers to understand YOUR problems. It's your resposibility to solve them yourself.