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Today 3, Tomorrow 5, You like la!

I've bought from this well-known blogshop before. The first time i bought a dress from her, she said no free postage unless i purchase 3 pieces and above. I couldnt find anyone to combine orders with me so i only bought 1 piece. I emailed reply

That dress summed up to RM54.50 but she was charging me RM55. I emailed her saying pos express is only RM54.50 so can i transfer RM54.50. No reply for 2 days. I emailed her again, I said if it's ur policy, i can understand or maybe u let me know whether do u still wanna deal with me......

i really thought the email didnt go thru =( She then replied me in quite harsh tone

"please undertsnad that im very busy and i have no time to reply every emails promptly (stated in blog will reply in 24 hrs).I will definitely reply u and wont left out ur email. n ur dress has been sold out. you will need to pay for restock if u still wan"

so i replied : i'm really sorry, i really understand but i thought the email didn't went through and cuz it's a really gorgeous piece i'm afraid others will grab it before me. anyway, ya i will pay for restock"

So deal closed.

The 2nd time i got a friend to combine orders with me to buy cny clothes, we got 4 pieces (previous deal she said 3 pieces and above only entitled for free postage)  She replied me quite promptly saying one of the dress has been sold which clearly states in her blog 'available'

Me: ok, i will pay for restock and 4 pieces entitle for free postage alrd rite?

Seller: Sorry, 5 pieces only entitle for free postage.

Me: I thought you said in the previous deal i have to get 3 pieces only can get free postage n now you're telling me 5 pieces? and will i be able to get it before cny?

- No reply from seller till today (cny eve) -

Maybe im a lil fussy but i really feel the seller is unethical at all, though her blog is quite famous. =/


  1. Aiyo. Sometimes I don't understand why some sellers get big headed just cuz their blogshop is famous then they have rights to treat new customers like crap. Pffft. SLAPSLAPSLAP

  2. some even dare to say 'customer is our top priority'. this statement is very rare in blogshopping. [slapxslap]

  3. WOW. What nerve.

    Already I'm thinking you're damn nice lor to just go for the restock even after her snarky email. She's taking her customers for granted.
    You were practically ready to give her money. Tak nak sudah.

    Mail me that blogshop. I'd like to check it out myself. (

  4. may i know about that blogshop? thanks.

  5. please mail me the blogshop add

  6. let me know which blogshop is this. thanks!

    monie89 [at]

  7. Some people are just so snappy. Once I emailed the seller like crazy cause she haven't reply me for quite some time and still she's really nice when she finally get back to me. Guess some people have to learn some manners before dealing with customers.

  8. mail me the website! thanks! :)

  9. i am assuming its that blogshop but pls confirm my guess. mail me the name -


  10. who is the seller?

  11. mail me her blogshop too!

  12. Please mail me her blog url so I can avoid it. Thanks~

  13. please let me know which blog this is please.

    thank you!

  14. i wanna know too!