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I got this order and in the order form, she stated her address as JALAN A. Ok, all paid and mailed out the next day.

5 days later, she wrote to me saying she hasnt gotten her parcel. Aiyor... I checked the tracking code and it says "ATTEMPTED DELIVERY". Well this could only mean no one was home during delivery or wrong address. So I checked with her by attaching her order form.

Buyer : "Babe, wrong address la. Its JALAN B"
Me : "Oh crap, i sent to JALAN A cos your form stated A"
Buyer : "Yeah but its actually JALAN B. You sent to wrong address!"

(???) She gave me the wrong address but its MY FAULT!

Cannot win la in this business


  1. wtf CHARGE HER for the repost. So NOT your fault.

  2. OMG slap buyer kao kao! I ALWAYS check and double check my address because I don't want these things to happen. Come on la, A and B is so far apart on the keyboard.

  3. the buyer doesn't blame the seller kot??

    But it's still funny tho. Most of the stories here are so funny I don't even know who I should slap! hahahaha

    p/s: Owner, u should add another one : Dunno who I should slap! lol

  4. too many slaps la... you can slap both if you like! LOL too!

  5. stupid la the buyer