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Practice what you preach

I own a preloved blogshop. and there's another preloved blogshop who i've personally inquired about their stuffs before. since it troubles me to pay asap cuz of my own difficulties, i ask her to reserve the item for me for 5 days. its quite long, but as u know preloved blogshops are quite flexible sometimes so i thought the owner is quite understanding. she refused to reserve for me, so i passed the item.

Then, she inquired about an item at my site. i know it was her because she uses her blogshop's email. she told me that she can only pay within a week. since i don't really mind about the time, and perhaps i'm too kind, i agreed. two / three days later, a buyer inquired about the item and interested. i told the blogshop owner that there's another girl in waiting list, she told me she'll bank in later that night. so i mailed the other customer, telling her that the item is reserved and the buyer is going to pay soon.

Waited, and waited, no signs of any calls, sms-es or payments.

A day later, i asked her regarding the payment. she told me her car broke down *as i know she's still schooling, lol* ok, actually it had exceeded a week but i still am waiting for her payment, patiently. maybe her car really broke down or something, idk.

Two days later, i asked about the payment again. she told me that she can't bank in and got personal problems and she cancelled her order.

I was like, WTH?!

- first, she's a seller and happens to have a 'say no to backout buyer' sign at her blog.
- but she backs out from her order.
- i lost a customer because of her, and when i mailed the customer again she told me she just bought a similar item few days ago.
- she's so snobby.
- she doesn't let me reserve her item for 5 days and the item is available til' now but i let her to make payment within 7 days (in fact, more than 7 days!) but she backs out.

She's a seller as well so i really hope she'll feel what i feel like when i'm dealing with her one day.


  1. oops i meant to slap the buyer(the backout) not the seller (the complainant).. though it could get confusing because the buyer was also a seller. k nvm :P

  2. hahaha. U girls jangan salah slap!!


  3. i slapped both bcoz the buyer IS A seller..ahahaha