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Chef Fashionista

I own a blogshop with 'food' themed clothes.
That's obviously just a playful concept, not meant to be taken seriously.
But it turns out that some people just take everything too literally.

Buyer: hey, I wanna order item X.
Me: sure thing dear, postage or COD?
Buyer: umm COD of course. I'm scared the food spoil if by post.
Me: errr food? What do you mean dear?
Buyer: the apple pie. If send by post it will spoil.
Me: actually, I'm only selling clothes not food. The food featured with my clothes are just for display.
Buyer: so I won't get the apple pie?
Me: urm, no. Just the clothes.
Buyer: oh I thought it's a two for one thing. Can I cancel my order? I actually order it for the apple pie.
Me: urm sure thing.

I don't understand which part of my description says 'apple pie included'.


  1. Hahaha. I think, the buyer is just playing around with you from the beginning. :p

  2. i don't understand which part of selling clothes have anything to do with apple pie

  3. apple pie? yummm..

  4. What? She was actually thinking of buying your stuff JUST for the apple pie?? No bakeries near her house - need to order and receive through post :p

  5. Hahahaahahahahahaahaahahhhahaahhah funniest post of the week :)

  6. Hey writer, are you the seller featured in Punctured Souffle?

  7. wow. what idiotic buyers.