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Dont Panic

Dont you love it when we have yet to check out mail. Because we might be bathing, sleeping, working, studying, clipping our nails.

And when we open our mails some paranoid buyer had emailed us every 10 minutes. Telling us that she had banked in the money/asked us when we are to send it out/ ask us why no reply/ tell us she is going to report it to a reviewer/ tell us that she is going to give our acc numbers to the police..

and MIND YOU! this happens in less than 12 hours.
Not even half a day and they jump to the conclusion that we're out to scam them because we havent checked our mail and replied.


  1. Yes! There was this one time i didnt reply for five hours and the buyer went crazy! She even said "after i made payment u just ignore me! yesterday every half hour u reply my email and enquiry. now already five hours and u dont reply!"

    Is this crazy or what? Yes i can reply u every half hour yesterday because it was at night and i was online. But this is in the morning and i have class to attend.

    I know buyers can be paranoid but i do hope they at least ask politely. And maybe wait until the seller haven't reply in 24 hours. Cos some people might be gone all day/only free at night. And lastly, please dont jump to conclusion that sellers are out there only to cheat people. How annoying is it that u come home very tired then suddenly get 5 emails calling u a dishonest thief rudely?

  2. Once Paranoid ShopperMarch 1, 2010 at 6:12 PM

    When I first started out online shopping, I had the same sentiments, but over time I've learned to give sellers a little leeway.

  3. Well, there are quite a handful of dishonest blog shop owners out there. Still, buyers shouldn't jump the gun and definitely they shouldn't be rude.

    PLUS if they are scared about being scammed, they should go buy from a physical store! :p